Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Crabstick in Caesar Salad

Im back! And I am off to a healthy start! With that, a simple salad recipe is what i thought of sharing to all of you. =)

Crabstick in Caesar Salad

What you need for the caesar sauce:
Lemon extract
Salt to taste

Romaine Lettuce
Cheese, grated
Olive oil

Prepare the Caesar Sauce:
Mix mustard, and lemon extract. make sure to not use the whole lemon, just pour exact amount according to taste, otherwise it may be too sour and tangy.  Pour in additional pepper and salt.

1. Cut the Romaine Lettuce into bite sizes do not forget to wash the leaves before you cut.
2. Fry the crabsticks, until desired color. you may serve crabstick as it is (cold). I just prefer it fried. he he
3. Grate some cheese, parmesan would be okay, but cheddar cheese is an option.
4. Pour in about 1 tbsp of olive oil while you continue to mix.
5. Top with Caesar sauce and serve.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

We're Switching! No other Choice... =(

I am sure many of us here have had problems with our DSL or internet connection one way of another. 
We have been with Bayan DSL for the longest time but ever since the supposed upgrade in their technology, we have nothing but complaints about the no internet connection... and we are paying for 3MBPS but is only getting less than 1MBPS. i think we should therefore be charged only for the lowest plan, right? 

Its annoying that we see the commercial (misleading) that anyone can connect to the wifi router for as low as 900 monthly payment, is that for real? Ours is literally more than that, but I could not even connect my laptop anymore to the wifi, because the router is not giving our signal... and worst, even the LAN connection is intermittent.

My brother decided we will try other company or dsl providers, the thing is... we do not have a Globe line here and is only limited to Destiny Cable internet and PLDT MyDSL. So i think the latter won and we are only waiting for the connection from PLDT. I hope we are not making a bad move... But since its been weeks, we really think we have no other choice. 

Even their only forum, and their customer service is unaware of what to do to help the subscribers, there are no one available to assist you and it was even 2 days that we were not able to connect - that was last Thursday to Friday... 

=( Makes me really sad that we had to let go of the service. I thought we will have a lasting relationship with the company... Oh well, we just have to make sure we get the support we need, you know and the speed we are paying for. Spending for 2K is really not that minor these days, its huge money if you ask me. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February 15 to 29 - Bible Verses and Topics

Here is the 2nd installment  of the February bible series - topic  is of course still about Love.

February 16God's Love
Jeremiah 31:3
The LORD hath appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee.

February 17Love does no harm
Romans 13:10
Love worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.

February 18
For God so loved us
John 3:16
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

February 19Love is strong
Song of Songs 8:6
Set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm: for love is strong as death; jealousy is cruel as the grave: the coals thereof are coals of fire, which hath a most vehement flame.

February 20Love should be deep
1 Peter 4:8
And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins.

February 21Love Unites
Colossians 3:13-14
13 Forbearing one another, and forgiving one another, if any man have a quarrel against any: even as Christ forgave you, so also do ye.
14 And above all these things put on charity, which is the bond of perfectness.

February 22Love  for friends
Proverbs 17:9
He that covereth a transgression seeketh love; but he that repeateth a matter separateth very friends.

February 23God's Love is better than life
Psalm 63:2-3
2 To see thy power and thy glory, so as I have seen thee in the sanctuary.
3 Because thy lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise thee.

February 24Without Love, I am nothing
1 Corinthians 13:2
And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing.

February 25How great is thy love
1 John 3:1
Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not.

February 26Kiss of Love
1 Peter 5:14
Greet ye one another with a kiss of love. Peace be with you all that are in Christ Jesus. Amen.

February 27Love of enemies
Matthew 5:44
But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.

February 28We can't serve two masters
Luke 16:13
No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

February 29God's love, even to sinners
Romans 5:8
But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

Thank you for reading and I hope you find the power of Love to be the greatest in your life. God Bless you all this love month. Watch out for the March Bible Verses Series.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Five People You Meet in Heaven - Quotes

This is yet another great book that I love from the author Mitch Albom. While reading this movie, I was already thinking about the people I want to meet in heaven... This book got me to think... of people whose life may have changed because of me, and that I did not even know about it, and vice versa. 


"People often belittle the place where they were born. But heaven can be found in the most unlikely corners and heaven itself has many steps."

"This is the greatest gift God can give you: to understand what happened in your life. To have it explained. It is the peace you have been searching for."

"There are no random acts, that we are all connected. That you can no more separate one life from another than you can separate a breeze from the wind."

"Fairness, does not govern life and death. If it did, no good person would ever die young."

"Strangers are just family you have yet to know."

"It is because the human spirit knows deep down that all lives intersect that death doesn’t just take someone when it misses someone else."

"No life is a waste. The only times we waste is the time we spend thinking we are alone".

"That’s the thing. Sometimes when you sacrifice something precious you’re not really losing it. You’re just passing it on to someone else."

"But our eyes are different, what you see ain’t what I see."

"You have peace when you make it with yourself."

"We move through places everyday that would never have been if not for those who came before us. Our workplaces, where we spend so much time, we often think they began with our arrival – that’s not true."

"Holding anger is a poison. It eats you from inside. We think that hating is a weapon that attacks the person who harmed us. But hatred is a curved blade. And the harm we do, we do to ourselves."

Saturday, February 11, 2012

For One More Day - Quotes

Sharing another set of the quotes i got from the book I read. This book is written by Mitch Albom, the same author of the book that was made into a movie, Tuesdays with Morrie. 

"Going back to something is harder than you think."

"I did what mattered to me... i was a mother"

"You have to care as much about yourself on the way down as you did on the way up."

"But there’s a story behind everything. How a picture got on a wall. How a scar got on your face. Sometimes the stories are simple, and sometimes they are hard and heartbreaking. But behind all your stories is always your mother’s story, because hers is where yours begins."

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Pretenders - Quotes

I bought this book because of a project in school many years back. Our assignment was to finish a book - novel (from a Filipino author) and provide our comments through a term paper. I do not know what made me choose this book, but maybe because of the Title " The Pretenders" that caught my attention. I am glad that I bought this book... and that I am sharing with you the quotes, or lines that I love from the book, that is very meaningful. 

From the Book "The Pretenders" by F. Sionil Jose

"In those days, my only thoughts were of survival... all that occupied me were how to finish school, get a job so that i could earn something to keep myself alive. And keeping alive meant 3 meals a day, a roof over my head that did not leak, a pair of shoes, clean clothes. It is all changed now and those objectives to which i addressed myself in the past are no longer my objective. Now i have raised my objectives a little higher. No one really needs 6 meals a day or 2 dozen pair of shoes, a man can eat only so much, wear so much. so what do i want out of life? I want to be justified..."

"Whatever i do in my heart, i want to do it right, I want to say i did it because it had to be done. I may be proved wrong, but it does not matter, at least to my own self, I must be true. Just a simple fact of human wanting for himself the integrity that everyone desires in his deepest thoughts, in his fondest dreams."

" It is a wonderful institution, but never marry for any other reason except love. Then you won't have regrets. Somehow every problem seems easy to solve. Money is one of the easiest problems to overcome, its when something happens to your inner self - that's something money can't solve."

"I only wish that someday i will be capable of doing something heroic, a deed which would ennoble me not only to myself but most of all to her who has accepted me for what i am. If i could be sure, however, even for just one instant that she chose me because she loved and respected me, then I would know that there is at least one human being whom i have some value, otherwise it is a bleak world indeed where i have paused and the sooner I leave it the better."

"A person is part of a clan, a race. And knowing this, you wonder where you came from and who preceded you; you wonder if you are strong. As you know these who lived before you were strong and then you realized that there is a durable thread that ties you to a past you did not create but which created you. Then you know that you have to be sure about who you are and if you are not sure or if you do not know, you have to go back, trace those who hold the secret to your past. The search may not be fruitful; from this moment of awareness, there is nothing more frustrating that the belief that you have been meaningless."

"A man who knows himself can live with his imperfections; he knows instinctively that he is a part of a wave that started from unnavigable expanses."

"Sometimes you look at yourself in the mirror, any mirror, and you wonderwhy those nose looks as it does, or those eyes - what is behind them, what depths can they reach? Your flesh, your skin, your lips, - you know that the face which you behold is not yours alone, but it is already something which belongs to those who love it, to your family and all those who esteem you."

Quotes from SMS - very good ones!

1.  I  Love it when people judge me negatively.... especially the part... where they find out they were wrong..

2. The worst regret we can have in life is not for the wrong things we did.. but for the right things we could have done but we never did...

3. Those who appear in your life - whether to help or to harm - are all given by god... Meet all of them with a peaceful heart, but with a warrior's spirit... you will faily many times, but in falling you will learn, and in learning, you will find your way... remember there are no mistakes in life - only lessons... and lessons will keep on repeating themselves until learnd.

4. You know why it is hard to be happy? It is because we refuse to let go of the things that makes us sad...

5. Never take for granted every person close to your heart because you might wake up one day and realize that you've lost a diamond because you were too busy collecting stones.

6. It hurts to see someone walk away from you, but what hurts most is when they made you feel loved, made you fall for them, made you believe they love you, but they never really did...

7. I had nothing to believe in until you believed in me.

8. It is better not to have the person you love right now, but have him later than be with him now but lose him forever.

9. I picture myself as a tiny insignificant star chasing after the moon, little did i know that i was being followed and loved by a patient cloud...

10. it is so hard not to look at you when i want to, its so hard not to talk to you when i want to, its so hard not to touch you when i want to, its so hard not to have you when i love you.

11. I know I made the right choice... But I just wish with all my heart that it was a choice I never had to make.
12.When i miss a special person, I dont have to go too far. I just have to look inside my heart because that's always where you are.

13. Its tough to stay single in this world where everybody expect you to be with somebody , but staying single is not about having no choice, but rather an opportunity to make intelligent choice.

14. Love without reason lasts longest.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tuesday's with Morrie - Mitch Albom

Below are my favorite lines from the book of Mitch Albom - Tuesday's with Morrie. I have found a way to read this book when the movie was advised to be watched by our teacher in college. Since Then, I have loved this literature as much as I love reading! Its like books never existed without an author named Mitch Albom. 

Here are the quotes:
Accept what you are able to do and what you are not able to do.

Accept the past as past without denying or discarding it.
Don't assume that it is too late to get involved.
Love Wins. Love always wins.

The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love and to let it come in.
Love is a series of pulls back and forth, you want to do one thing but you are bound to do something else. Something hurts you, yet you shouldn't. You take certain things for granted even when you should never take anything for granted.
Love is the only rational act.
Once you learn how to die, you learn how to live...
Love each other or perish.
So Many people walk around with a meaningless life. They seem half asleep, even when they are chasing the wrong things. The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others. Devote yourself to creating something that gives purpose and meaning.
You see, you closed your eyes. That was the difference. Sometimes you cannot believe what you see, you have to believe what you feel, and if you are ever going to have other people trust you, you must feel that you can trust them too, even when you're in the dark. Even when you are falling.
Love is how to stay alive, even after you are gone.
Death ends a life, not a relationship.
People are only mean when they are threatened.
Everyone is in such a hurry, people haven't found meaning in their lives, so they're running all the time looking for it. They think the next car, the next house, the next job... then they found those things are empty too... and they keep running.
Learn to forgive yourselves and to forgive others.

The loving relationships we have, the universe around us, we take these things for granted.
Don't cling to things, because everything is impermanent.
If you don't have the support and love and caring and concern that you get from a family, you don't have much at all.
If you are trying to show off for the people at the top, forget it, they will look down at you anyhow. And you are trying to show off for the people at the bottom, forget it, they will only envy you. Status will get you nowhere. only an open heart will allow you to float equally between everyone.
What we take, we must replenish.
In the beginning, of life, when we are infants, we need to survive and at the end of life, you need others to survive. In between, we need others as well.
Don't let go too soon, but don't hang on too long.
Be compassionate, and take responsibility, for each other. If we only learned those lessons, this world would be so much better a place.
Forgive yourself before you die, then forgive others.
This disease is knocking at my spirit, but it will not get my spirit.
You need to make peace with yourself and everyone around you.
Death is as natural as life. Its part of the deal we made.
It is the most incredible feeling. the sensation of accepting what was happening, being at peace. 

When you're in bed, you're dead.
Love is different. Love is when you are concerned about someone eles's situation ad you are about your own.
You are not a wave, you are part of the ocean.
As long as we can love each other. and remember we can die without really going away. all the love you created is still there. All the memories are still there. You live on - in the hearts of everyone you have touched and nurtured while you were here.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Panna Cotta with Caramelized Mango: A Quick Dessert Recipe

In our office, there was this cafe that sells really delicious panna cotta.. and since i love to cook, i thought i can also make my own version of the said dessert and so I did! 

For Toppings:
Mango (chopped to small pieces)

For the Panna Cotta:
Cream (nestle is better)
Fresh Milk or Small Evap Milk
Unflavored Gelatin
Vanilla Extract

Prepare the Mango toppings
1. Chop Ripe Mangoes into small pieces.
2. Bring water (about half a cup) to boil and put in sugar, until it is melted, or caramelized
3. Put the mango and turn off the heat. Do not boil.
4. Set Aside in a container and refrigerate. 

Cooking the Panna Cotta
1. Pour milk into a cup and put the gelatin powder. Stir to dissolve the gelatin and set aside.
2. Heat the pan, put in the cream/all purpose cream. Mix with about 2 tbsp of sugar. (actually depends on your taste). DO NOT BOIL. 
3. When the cream starts to simmer, put vanilla extract and pour the milk with the Gelatin. Stir constantly and turn off the heat. 
4. Pour into desired mold and chill.

Serve and top with the mango bits. Enjoy!!   

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Alchemist - Quotes

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho - one of the few books that I have read more than once! This is probably one of the best books for me. And that is why I am posting the title and sharing to everyone the quotes i have gotten from this book. =)

Here Goes... Hope you like them!

It (destiny) is what you have always wanted to accomplish. Everyone, when they are young, knows what their destiny is. At that point in their lives, everything is clear and everything is possible. They are not afraid to dream, and to yearn for everything they would like to see happen to them in their lives. But, as time passes, a mysterious force begins to convince them that it will be impossible for them to realize their destiny.

Love never keeps a man from pursuing his destiny.

It's the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary; only wise men are able to understand them.

To realize one's destiny is a person's only real obligation.

If you start out by promising what you don't even have yet, you'll lose your desire to work toward getting it.

When each day is the same as the next, it's because people fail to recognize the good things that happen in their lives every day that the sun rises.

Don't forget that everything you deal with is only one thing and nothing else.

I'm like everyone else -- I see the world in terms of what I would like to see happen, not what actually does.

You must always know what it is that you want.

Making a decision was only the beginning of things. When someone makes a decision, he is really diving into a strong current that will carry him to places he had never dreamed of when he first made the decision.

Because I don't live in either my past or my future. I'm interested only in the present. If you can concentrate always on the present, you'll be a happy man. .... Life will be a party for you, a grand festival, because life is the moment we're living right now.

"Why do we have to listen to our hearts?" "Because, wherever your heart is, that is where you'll find your treasure."

Every search begins with beginner's luck. And every search ends with the victor's being severely tested.

When you possess great treasures within you, and try to tell others of them, seldom are you believed.

Don't give in to your fear. If you do, you won't be able to talk to your heart.

Life really is generous to those who pursue their destiny.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Campaigns to go Green! =)

What is you take in the campaign of the country and the help of the shopping mall nowadays to go green? I mean... we know that SM supermarket and department stores have already announced that they would not be giving plastics on certain days. I have heard about the same too for Ayala Malls the last time we were shopping because we have been given only paper bags for the items we bought. We have also collected several "Green bags" ourselves, from SM, and Landmark and some other establishments. 
What do you think about them? For me, i'd say let's go for it. Imagine all the trashes, the plastics we produce if we keep on using them and it does take hundreds of years before a plastic decays! 
So what I have been busy about myself to go green, and help out with the campaign myself? so Here's my contribution... I started using my green bag/s again. Actually I had a pouch inside to keep my little items from being scattered all over my bag. And I use a free pouch from Lee Kum Kee Oyster Sauce! he he Here's a picture of the free cute pink pouch. 
And to match the colors, i use my pink cow bag... =) its really my favorite green bag and have retired it just today so i could just keep it for remembrance.. im afraid using it too much may cause it to wither too soon... So you can keep the green bag after putting it all in its own head, it can be a stuffed toy keychain!  =) 

Here are other Green Bags, all free from their respective stores, promos, etc. I even thought I have already started collecting green bags, and green items myself. =) 

Toyota Purple - we got this from an event that Toyota sponsored.

VMV Hypoallergenics - when you purchase to reach their minimum amount, you get to have this bag and they will give you a discount of 5% on your next purchase when you bring this bag to the store.

EYP- that's the online yellow pages in the philippines! I got it from my brother. 

Seattle's Best - Got it free from the holiday promo (filling up stickers just like when you want to get a free planner from Starbucks). 

Precious Pillow - this one is also what they give you when  you buy any precious pillows product. the herbal pillow that has minty soothing scent and is microwavable! 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Free Jollibee Planner

Jollibee fans have got a lot to rave about this time of the year! =) i don't know when they started the promo but Jollibee does give their customers a free planner for every 300 pesos worth of purchase. 
we got ours through an order by delivery service. 

Above are two different planners. There are probably at least 4 designs. =) We got a burger design and a fries planner. =) I have to admit the cover is really cute. The Fries / Burger is embossed in the carton cover and its really cool to the touch. he he 

There you go, I have a taken a sample of the planner contents, its really simple, its only got a monthly division and a few "notes" and "telephone" pages. 

Pinoy Palitaw: A Quick Meryenda Recipe

Ever heard of the Palitaw? I think most of us now just know the common Pinoy snacks such as Banana Q,  Camote Q, or turon. but you can definitely make meryenda family time special by preparing your family a nice plate of Palitaw. I remember my Lola (not biological) Lucing teaching me how to make this pinoy meryenda and it was really easy! 

So here's what you need:
Glutinous Rice (Half a kilo will serve about 5-6 person)
Giniling na Niyog / Coconut meat crushed
Sesame Seed
Refined Sugar
Water for boiling

Glutinous Rice:
1. Prepare the rice for cooking by getting 1 spoon of rice and shaping it in between your palm. 
2. Once the rice is round, flatten with your fingers, put in a dry plate. You may put some flour so the rice won't stick to the plate. 

Cooking the Glutinous Rice:
1. Heat water in pan, when water starts to simmer, put in the shaped glutinous rice. 
2. When they start to float (thus the name palitaw), this means the rice is cooked. 
3. Drain, and put the rice in niyog, covering both sides. Set Aside.

Preparing the "Toppings"
1. Heat dry pan. 
2. Put in the sesame seed, stir and once the seeds turn into brown, turn off the  heat. 
3. Mix the sesame seed with just the right amount of sugar. 

Serve the Palitaw by topping it with the sesame seeds and sugar. =) See the smile in your friends or family's face! they'll never know you did it yourself. he he 

Slow Cooked Pork Pata Kare Kare

Slow Cooked Pork Pata Kare Kare. 

1 Pack Mama Sita Kare Kare Sauce
Pork Pata
Lily's Peanut Butter
Pechay Tagalog
Eggplant or Talong
Half Clove Garlic
Shrimp Paste (spicy or not)

1. Prepare the slow cooker, put about 1 liter of water and put to high. 
2. In a separate pan, saute pork pata / or pork let cut into smaller bite size with Garlic. Once the Pork leg color turned to pale color, remove from pan and transfer to slow cooker. 
3. You may put some Aji no moto to taste, if you like. otherwise this can be skipped. 
After about 2 hours in the slow  cooker, check the pork leg with a fork if it has become tender. 
4. Prepare the Kare Kare Mix by dissolving the contents into a cup of stock from the boiling pata. 
5. Put the the mixture into the slow cooker, while stirring, make sure there are no lumps. 
6. Leave for another hour, then put the peanut butter. While stirring constantly again. 
7. When the sauce thickens, you may blanch the eggplant in hot water and put together with the Kare Kare. 
8. Once the Eggplant is cooked, put the Pechay Tagalog and simmer for another 5 minutes. 
9. You may simultaneously prepare for the bagoong. Saute the Bagoong in 1tbsp of chopped garlic. 
10. Serve with Hot Rice and its perfect! =)  

*Note that the Recipe may also be cooked in pan, no need for slow cooking if you have got not much time to spare. I chose to "slow cook" the Pork Leg because it gives more flavor, it tastes better and the meat is really tender. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

What would you do?

People are paranoid these days, parents especially. Teens are not allowed to stay later than they should. Rich people put several alarms, double locks, and so on to protect their homes from being  robbed. Women are advised to carry pepper sprays for their own protection... that is because we will never know who we are going to encounter out there... the world is a dangerous place... but is it only because of them? Was it because someone thought it is easier to steal or to rob than to work? 

More  often than not, I feel I should be doing more than what I am doing now. =( Am I like the others who just look on, give some comments and do nothing about it? Maybe. 

The World Is A Dangerous Place,
Not Because Of Those Who Do Evil,
But Because Of Those Who Look On, And Do Nothing!
*Albert Einstein* 

After reading this quote from Albert Einstein, I thought, well Yes.. It is true that what I was doing was only self preservation... there was no greater purpose behind every action... i hope I would be able to do more, really. Afterall, i am a person of God and i know he will make way for his purpose to prevail. So I won't be just another person looking in and doing nothing. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 1 to 15 - Bible Verses and Topics

Love is what we need says in a song, Love is everywhere says people... Love is many things and even greater when it is the Love of God that surrounds us.   This Month of February, I am sharing with you verses in the Bible that talks about one of our favorite topics, Love.

February 1
How we should love
Mark 12:30
And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.

February 2

God is Love
1 John 4:8
He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.

February 3
Christ love is in us
Galatians 2:20
I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.

February 4
God's Gift of Power and Love
2 Timothy 1:7
For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

February 5
God's Everlasting Love
Ezra 3:11
And they sang together by course in praising and giving thanks unto the LORD; because he is good, for his mercy endureth for ever toward Israel. And all the people shouted with a great shout, when they praised the LORD, because the foundation of the house of the LORD was laid.

February 6
Love of the Holy Spirit
Romans 5:5
And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us.

February 7
ove Does Good
Romans 12:9-10
Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good.

February 8
Love one another
John 15:12
This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.

February 9
God's Love is with you
Psalm 23:6

February 10
Love and Faithfulness
Psalm 85:10-11
10 Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other.
11 Truth shall spring out of the earth; and righteousness shall look down from heaven.

February 11
Love Covers
Proverbs 10:12
Hatred stirreth up strifes: but love covereth all sins.

February 12
Fruit of the Spirit
Galatians 5:22-23
22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,
23 Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.

February 13
Do everything in Love
1 Corinthians  16:13-14
13 Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.
14 Let all your things be done with Love.

February 14
A Cord of three strands
Ecclesiastes 4:12
And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

February 15
Thanksgiving and Prayer
Philemon 4-7
4 I thank my God, making mention of you always in my prayers,
5 Hearing of your Love and faith which you have toward the Lord jesus and towaard all the saints,
6 that the sharing  of your faith may become effective by the acknowledgement of every good thing which is in you in Christ Jesus.
7 For we have great joy and consolation in thy love, because the hearts of the saints are refreshed by you brother.