Saturday, February 18, 2012

We're Switching! No other Choice... =(

I am sure many of us here have had problems with our DSL or internet connection one way of another. 
We have been with Bayan DSL for the longest time but ever since the supposed upgrade in their technology, we have nothing but complaints about the no internet connection... and we are paying for 3MBPS but is only getting less than 1MBPS. i think we should therefore be charged only for the lowest plan, right? 

Its annoying that we see the commercial (misleading) that anyone can connect to the wifi router for as low as 900 monthly payment, is that for real? Ours is literally more than that, but I could not even connect my laptop anymore to the wifi, because the router is not giving our signal... and worst, even the LAN connection is intermittent.

My brother decided we will try other company or dsl providers, the thing is... we do not have a Globe line here and is only limited to Destiny Cable internet and PLDT MyDSL. So i think the latter won and we are only waiting for the connection from PLDT. I hope we are not making a bad move... But since its been weeks, we really think we have no other choice. 

Even their only forum, and their customer service is unaware of what to do to help the subscribers, there are no one available to assist you and it was even 2 days that we were not able to connect - that was last Thursday to Friday... 

=( Makes me really sad that we had to let go of the service. I thought we will have a lasting relationship with the company... Oh well, we just have to make sure we get the support we need, you know and the speed we are paying for. Spending for 2K is really not that minor these days, its huge money if you ask me. 

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