Thursday, August 23, 2018

On a Roadtrip to Bataan...

I love history, I love historical places but my mind have no such retention for the details and so I will just give you the link to wikipedia's for the history of the Mount Samat:

For the most part, what i love about historical places is the differnet kind of feeling they give you, a sense of being proud perhaps for our ancestors who have fought for our liberty and perhaps for theirs as well. Our trip to Mt Samat is not planned at all but as a suggestion by friends, we took time to visit the site and also the spring in Abucay. It was a nice place to visit, if you have a day to spare and would want to relax, the perfect spot would be cross on top of the Mount Samat. The view is very spectacular in this site with a great view of the bataan peninsula. A nearby museum also is found at the foot of the mountain.

The place is very nice, and we did not even notice we spent an hour up there in the cross. The cross asks for an entrance fee, be sure to keep your ticket as they want you to show the tickets when you ride the elevator that will take you up the cross.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

New Japanese Craze! TORI CHIZU (Trinoma Branch)

Out with friends over the weekend and the ads for this newly opened restaurant in Trinoma is all over the place; so when we cannot think of where to eat... well off we go to try it out. Besides, their menu looks promising. =)

The place is a bit small with only a few sets of table and chairs for people who wants to dine in.
But if you go the line for orders they would be really helpful and try to get you a table.

Chicken Teriyaki 

Yakiniku Chizu! =) with extra mozarella cheese

Chicken Curry Chizu =) 


Chicken Set each Rice meal (if you want can be served with a piece of fried chicken

If you still have room for some dessert, or if you don't want their rice meals, I suggest you still try this Milk Cheese Ice Cream. It is sooooo nice! Its a savory dessert. Tastes so wonderful! Its really yummy. 

Susie's Cuisine in Tomas Morato

Here's some of the lunch meals in Susie's Cuisine! =) 

The counter where you order your dine in or take outs, and also pay up for some pasalubong. =) 

Boneless Bangus  Meal

Tapsilog - my friend who ordered this said its a bit chewy.

If you must, order Susie's Siomai. Its really good! =) Highly recommended. I'm a sucker for siomai and its been one of my favorite since I was a child so I know a good one when I taste one =) 

Baconsilog! Love how they cook the egg!

When you are done with your feast, you might want to take out a few pasalubongs. :D They have a lot of local treats like biscuits, uraro, yema, pastillas, nuts, dried fruits and many more. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Hobing (Korean Shaved Ice Dessert)

This is not our first time in Hobing in the same Glorietta Branch in Makati City. It has been one of the places we choose to go to when we wanted some desserts every time we are together. 

Jin Young Go Toon Doll (GOT7)

So my friend brought her Monsta X Lightstick and it sure looked great with the Ube Bingsu! =) 

Hobing offers a variety of flavors. You will surely find which one you like best. 

My tatsmato mini doll sure has to make a pose. =)

Fat Fook Taiwanese Kitchen in Glorietta 1, Ayala Makati

Having gone to Taiwan and enjoyed all the foods in there, I kind of well craved for a Taiwanese Cuisine.. and just had to bring my friends along to a restaurant when we met up.

Luckily there is this Taiwanese Restaurant called Fat Fook Taiwanese Kitchen in Glorietta 1. Their menu looks perfect and reviews are good too. =)

We tried the salted egg prawns. So the thing is, I'm not sure why the shell is not removed. It tastes good but drawback is that you can't fully eat it well coz you will have to remove the shell! =(

Sweet and Sour Pork is good, serving size is too small. 

We ordered Spicy Beef noodle set and it comes with a bowl of rice. This is their best seller; sure tastes good too, especially if you like spicy food. Also, we ordered Xiao Long Bao which is a must if you are to eat in a Taiwanese Restaurant. 

Monday, July 16, 2018

A day (and night) in Taipei 101

The concert venue of the Kpop Concert we are to attend is right next to the Taipei 101. 

Here's a photo of the Taipei 101 day and at night. 

Inside the Taipei 101 were a lot of high end shops and food stalls. There was also a grocery right next to the food court. The food choices was a variety of different cuisine. There's Singaporean / Malaysian Food, Chinese Cuisine, Indian Food, Fast Food, Shaved Ice Desserts, Fresh Fruit juices and Bubble Tea.

So we really had a good amount of time in there, for some really good food at the food court, and of course we just have to try out the best Xiao Long Bao or Soup Dumplings in Taiwan. It is in the same level as the food court. The queue is long, there was about 40-60 minutes of waiting time and that is about 20 people ahead of you, and yet people wait for their turn.

Sticky Rice
Soup Dumpling

If you are in Taiwan, You must also not miss trying out the Shaved Ice Desserts. 

Some good take outs or pasalubong shop is also in the Taipei 101 food court. It must be really good as we saw a couple buying like at least 10 boxes whilst we were walking around and looking for something to eat.

Also, in Taipei 101, We bought their MRT Easy card for $120. For Souvenir! =) 

Food Trip in Taipei, Taiwan at Shilin Night Market

Taiwan Night Markets are the best so far! they have everything from souvenirs to bags, clothes and cellphone accessories. Of course if you must visit a night market in Taiwan, visit them for the food! 

We went to the night market in Shilin which was really very easy to find. getting down at the station with the same name, just walk towards the night market exit and follow the crowd. 

If you see this, you are already in the Night Market! Brace yourselves and get ready to be surprised with every bite you take. I tell you, all of the foods we tried were so good! If there were people queuing in one stall, we'd queue as well and its always the right decision. haha

We tried the beef first! it was so good! =) Below is only good for 1 person and not the sharing one. hehe it should be okay for 2 people since we plan to try or taste a lot more as we walk the aisles of the night market! You can choose which sauce you like, we just chose the Rose salt. The beef is really yummy and no need for other condiments! 

Next is the takoyaki. It is filled with mozarella cheese and look at the baby octopus! There's one in every takoyaki ball. The meat is tender and the sauce is really good. 

 A couple more steps into the lane, there is this barbecue stall. I recognize the sausage and I think I know its taste. I just had to try it. so my friend got the port barbecue, but I got the sausage one. No regrets at all! hehe we shared a couple of bites in each of the sticks we bought. It is a must try!

There was this Isle in the middle of the market where a lot of people are going into. We went with the people, saw a line for some buns, and yah... we went and queued up. It is for the Black Pepper Pork Bun. It was soooo good and tasty I really really enjoyed it. Buy a lot and eat a lot! Don't let it cool down if you won't reheat it because the buns will be too chewy.

While walking at the night market, we also saw a lot of people holding a milk tea cup and it sure looked really good. It looked like your upgraded Taho drink. there was a queue so it must be good too. We ordered one for each of us and proceded to drink it as we walk towards the MRT on our way home. We had this bubble tea to end our night in the Market. 


I do not know what it is, I can't read. I have not researched about it too... But it tastes like a Soy Milk tea. The caramel is right in the huge pan at the back of the photo and they will place it in your milk tea before pouring the Soy. :D I thought its going to be a bit bitter because it looked burned but nope! its really good. and I love it because it is not very sweet! =) If you can, look for this!!! 

 There are also some fun areas near the market. There is this mini amusement park games where people will pay for a game for a chance to win some really cute goodies!