Sunday, April 15, 2018

Hokkaido Takoyaki : Cheap and better than other Takoyaki Stalls in PH

I have been hearing a lot of good things about this Takoyaki place, so when I have the chance, I simply just have to go and try some =) 

This one i went to was in SM Makati, in the supermarket / food court level. 

Well Each food stall here is quite huge and there are a few tables and chairs that can accommodate diners. Since I was there early, it was not packed with people yet. Most of them are in the Bibimbob stall =) haha 

Okay so I ordered their Kani and Mozarella one, It was my first time going there but I have read this one is good, same price as the original one. I am not much a fan of squids though and squids always give me stomach uneasiness... so i was more into thinking of trying everything else. 

So this is the Kani and Mozarella. It was served after 10-15 minutes I guess since they were just starting to prepare the takoyaki's. It smelled really nice. 

A Closer look at the takoyaki ball... 

I'd say it was good, better than the one in SM North that also sells takoyaki (i already forgot the name! :P) The Takoyaki is full of fillings, You can see and taste the Kani and Mozarella in it. It was also a bit chewy, it is not like the Samurai Takoyaki balls. :P 

So they also have other branches, and other Takoyaki Flavors. The cashier was kind enough to give me this. We are near Sct Rallos so I guess I'd ask my brother to drop us off sometime for this :P 

If you buy 12 pcs, by the way, it is much cheaper than buying the sampler of 6pcs.

I'd say for the price of Php119 the regular flavored takoyaki is worth the money you paid for!  (of course it is still far from the Authentic Japanese Takoyakis I've tried. =) 

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Unsuccessful Delivery of Package: EMS (Philpost)

So I have this package that is supposed to be delivered to me at home. It was cleared from customs but I did not know that our EMS Delivery service does deliveries in lightning speed. :P 

You can see from the below photo that it was returned from customs at a certain time, and after that it was already unsuccessful delivery. It only took them 10 minutes to dispatch, and travel to Quezon City from release in Customs and rang a bell at our house to say no one is home to get my package. What a total Bullsh*t! 

Well anyway, I got a text message today, a day after about me having to go to their Pasay office to claim the package. I just need to bring two valid IDs and that's it. 

I swear I hate this government! Packages are held for as long as they can, trying to squeeze tax into everything! They should really try to do their job and deliver items that must be DELIVERED! I paid a hefty amount for this EMS and I still need to take a leave from work to claim it. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Guide to OMB Clearance (CD / ALbums Import) : Claiming your Packages from Pasay

If you receive a notice from CMEC like this one, you are sure to have to go to OMB to get a clearance for your purchase. Note: This album is a Signed BLUE B.A.P. purchased from Mwave and its just 1 piece. I had to go through all the troubles for this one album!!! 

*Isn't it obvious that it is for personal use? I mean... why the hell do they have to let me go through all these for 1 copy of album. Even the releasing officer at CMEC was kinda surprised to open a box with 1 album in it. 

Sending the letter of request: 

1. Prepare necessary documents

What you need for OMB to process the clearance:
a. Order Form / Invoice from where you purchased the item (ebay / amazon / synnara / ktown4u / etc) 
b. Letter of Request (sample letter)
c. Scanned Valid ID

2. Send an email to OMB via Email Address:

3. Wait for their response. Usually 3 working days. They will ask you to pick it up from their office. 

4. Pick up 8am - 4PM weekdays only. Bring Php150 for the Clearance. 

How to go to OMB 

from MRT:
1. Get down MRT Quezon Avenue Station
2. Get to the Mcdonald's side in Quezon Ave. (use overpass if you came from Taft / get down if you came from North ave) 
3. Ride a tricycle:  Tell the driver to drop you off in OMB Office. Php20 fare

from Espana (Q. Ave):
1. Get down in Timog Avenue / Delta corner (if you are riding a Jeep that goes straight to MRT Q. Ave / Fairview 
2. Ride a Jeep that says Kamuning (So: Don't get down if your riding a Jeep or FX that goes to Kamuning.)
3. Get down in Timog Mcdonald's / there is a Jollibee in front of it so you won't miss this corner. 
4. Walk towards scout tobias. OMB is in your right side. Scout Limbaga.

from Fairview:
1. Get down in Delta / Corner West Avenue (if you are riding a Jeep/FX that goes straight to Quiapo) 
2. Cross the over pass towards the Timog Avenue
3. Get to the other side and Ride the Kamuning Jeep
4. Get down in Timog Mcdonald's / there is a Jollibee in front of it so you won't miss this corner. 
5. Walk towards scout tobias. OMB is in your right side. 

Claiming of Package in Pasay Customs.

1. Bring your letter / clearance from OMB
2. Bring Valid ID
3. Bring the invoice of your purchase
4. If you received a notice from Customs, bring this with you too. 
5. Go to 2nd Floor of Pasay Customs and present your clearance, Invoice, and Valid ID. 
6. You will be asked to wait to be called (in first) floor. 
7. Items released (if not too many / if package is not taxable) after payment of Php 112 postal fee. 

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Leanne's Tea House - Korean Restaurant

Korean Restaurants are booming in business in Manila! Well, maybe because of the Korean Wave! KDramas, KPop!!! Well This restaurant has been around for a while already near where I work. This is recommended by my office mates who just love to eat out. 

Leanne's Tea house  is closed on Mondays, so go there Tuesdays to Sundays. The Restaurant is located in Mother Ignacia street. 

As you order, you will be served with side dishes (that are refillable, by the way). Its kimchi, veggies, and mashed potato. I like this potato though. Im not a fan of Kimchi, not here not anywhere else because I do not like the taste of the red bean / chili paste.

Our usual order here is the Seafood Pancake (This is to die for!) Must order!!! Next is the Crunchy Pork Tonkatsu Kimbap. Their Bibimbap is good too. (Ah, I don't have photos - my associates always digs in so fast). 

If you like spicy food, go for the Spicy Seafood Stew as well. But every time we come here for food, we will sure to order the pork samgeupsal, and Beef Woosamgeup. 

So I always see the black bean noodles in most Korean dramas or even variety shows I watched, and they have it here in Leanne's too; so i gotta try it. hmmm but its not my taste. Its bland, not sweet, not spicy, not salty. I don't know what its suppose to taste like but yeah, I won't suggest this noodle. 

Comfort Food: Home Made Grilled Cheese Sandwich

What you Need:
1. Loaf Bread / Wheat Bread
2. Cheddar Cheese
3. Egg/s
4. Butter
5. Optional: Sweet Ham or Sliced Spam (if you want it to have a meet)

To Cook:
Use a Non Stick Pan

1. Cook Eggs first, Sunny side would be great for this; make sure not to over cook the yolk. Set Aside.

2. Get the Loaf ready. Melt butter in a non stick pan; Toast the bread.

3. Place the cheese in the toast. If you have sliced spam place it over too.

4. Remove the set; toast another bread and place rest of the food you prepared. Open the toasted bread and place the egg inside. 

5. There you go! =) Its really good, and cheaper. 


Thursday, March 29, 2018

Jakarta: Trip to Bandung's Tangkuban Perahu (Volcano)

Bandung, A province West of Java Indonesia. It is about a 6 hour long drive (also because of traffic). We kinda went there on a wrong date - a long holiday in Jakarta so families are all going home or in a vacation mode. It feels like the whole of Jakarta are going to Bandung! 

From Jakarta, we were supposed to ride a van in the terminal. But since its long weekend... we ended up renting with another traveler; still not very costly for the long ride. Its like we rented the van to ourselves. Hehe. 

So anyway, when we get to Bandung, we stayed in the hotel a bit and prepared. The hotel we got was pretty decent, it is very spacious, have buffet breakfast and also a pool to help you relax a bit too. 

So from our hotel, off we went to our first destination: Tangkuban Perahu. (Tangkuban Perahu literally means 'upside-down boat'); From up there, the view is breath taking. The atmosphere is cold. There aren't as many people actually and we had a good space for our wonderful photos. 

Kawah Ratu is the biggest crater of Mount Tangkuban

There are a lot of shops here too, and some food stalls, also a passageway is in place where you can go down a bit (its like a small village steps) to take a good shot - few tourists ever went down there. 

Bring sweaters. Its cold up there!! 

Jakarta: City Tour on a Budget

Our City tour of Jakarta takes us to the Old Town, Kota Kua. Here, you can spend some time viewing the Jakarta Museum, picnics, ride bikes, etc.

From the bus station, we walked through an aisle and we were greeted by these colorful bicycles (they can be rented).

The place is great outdoor location if you have kids that wants to run around and just enjoy a day under the sun. :D 

If you feel a bit tired from the outdoors, then get to the side of the Museum and see the Wayang Museum dedicated to the Javanese puppetry. 

Try Cafe Batavia too! This restaurant is the second oldest building in the square, after the City Hall (now the Jakarta Musuem). It is as historical as the whole Old Town! =)

The whole Cafe exudes with a European feel; the walls are lined with several photo frames, and framed movie posters (even the bathroom).

The price is of higher end compared to fast foods or anywhere else we dined in the city... but go and try as they are good! Besides you are there to experience the ambiance.