Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Crabstick in Caesar Salad

Im back! And I am off to a healthy start! With that, a simple salad recipe is what i thought of sharing to all of you. =)

Crabstick in Caesar Salad

What you need for the caesar sauce:
Lemon extract
Salt to taste

Romaine Lettuce
Cheese, grated
Olive oil

Prepare the Caesar Sauce:
Mix mustard, and lemon extract. make sure to not use the whole lemon, just pour exact amount according to taste, otherwise it may be too sour and tangy.  Pour in additional pepper and salt.

1. Cut the Romaine Lettuce into bite sizes do not forget to wash the leaves before you cut.
2. Fry the crabsticks, until desired color. you may serve crabstick as it is (cold). I just prefer it fried. he he
3. Grate some cheese, parmesan would be okay, but cheddar cheese is an option.
4. Pour in about 1 tbsp of olive oil while you continue to mix.
5. Top with Caesar sauce and serve.

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