Sunday, February 5, 2012

Campaigns to go Green! =)

What is you take in the campaign of the country and the help of the shopping mall nowadays to go green? I mean... we know that SM supermarket and department stores have already announced that they would not be giving plastics on certain days. I have heard about the same too for Ayala Malls the last time we were shopping because we have been given only paper bags for the items we bought. We have also collected several "Green bags" ourselves, from SM, and Landmark and some other establishments. 
What do you think about them? For me, i'd say let's go for it. Imagine all the trashes, the plastics we produce if we keep on using them and it does take hundreds of years before a plastic decays! 
So what I have been busy about myself to go green, and help out with the campaign myself? so Here's my contribution... I started using my green bag/s again. Actually I had a pouch inside to keep my little items from being scattered all over my bag. And I use a free pouch from Lee Kum Kee Oyster Sauce! he he Here's a picture of the free cute pink pouch. 
And to match the colors, i use my pink cow bag... =) its really my favorite green bag and have retired it just today so i could just keep it for remembrance.. im afraid using it too much may cause it to wither too soon... So you can keep the green bag after putting it all in its own head, it can be a stuffed toy keychain!  =) 

Here are other Green Bags, all free from their respective stores, promos, etc. I even thought I have already started collecting green bags, and green items myself. =) 

Toyota Purple - we got this from an event that Toyota sponsored.

VMV Hypoallergenics - when you purchase to reach their minimum amount, you get to have this bag and they will give you a discount of 5% on your next purchase when you bring this bag to the store.

EYP- that's the online yellow pages in the philippines! I got it from my brother. 

Seattle's Best - Got it free from the holiday promo (filling up stickers just like when you want to get a free planner from Starbucks). 

Precious Pillow - this one is also what they give you when  you buy any precious pillows product. the herbal pillow that has minty soothing scent and is microwavable! 

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