Friday, February 3, 2012

What would you do?

People are paranoid these days, parents especially. Teens are not allowed to stay later than they should. Rich people put several alarms, double locks, and so on to protect their homes from being  robbed. Women are advised to carry pepper sprays for their own protection... that is because we will never know who we are going to encounter out there... the world is a dangerous place... but is it only because of them? Was it because someone thought it is easier to steal or to rob than to work? 

More  often than not, I feel I should be doing more than what I am doing now. =( Am I like the others who just look on, give some comments and do nothing about it? Maybe. 

The World Is A Dangerous Place,
Not Because Of Those Who Do Evil,
But Because Of Those Who Look On, And Do Nothing!
*Albert Einstein* 

After reading this quote from Albert Einstein, I thought, well Yes.. It is true that what I was doing was only self preservation... there was no greater purpose behind every action... i hope I would be able to do more, really. Afterall, i am a person of God and i know he will make way for his purpose to prevail. So I won't be just another person looking in and doing nothing. 

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