Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pinoy Palitaw: A Quick Meryenda Recipe

Ever heard of the Palitaw? I think most of us now just know the common Pinoy snacks such as Banana Q,  Camote Q, or turon. but you can definitely make meryenda family time special by preparing your family a nice plate of Palitaw. I remember my Lola (not biological) Lucing teaching me how to make this pinoy meryenda and it was really easy! 

So here's what you need:
Glutinous Rice (Half a kilo will serve about 5-6 person)
Giniling na Niyog / Coconut meat crushed
Sesame Seed
Refined Sugar
Water for boiling

Glutinous Rice:
1. Prepare the rice for cooking by getting 1 spoon of rice and shaping it in between your palm. 
2. Once the rice is round, flatten with your fingers, put in a dry plate. You may put some flour so the rice won't stick to the plate. 

Cooking the Glutinous Rice:
1. Heat water in pan, when water starts to simmer, put in the shaped glutinous rice. 
2. When they start to float (thus the name palitaw), this means the rice is cooked. 
3. Drain, and put the rice in niyog, covering both sides. Set Aside.

Preparing the "Toppings"
1. Heat dry pan. 
2. Put in the sesame seed, stir and once the seeds turn into brown, turn off the  heat. 
3. Mix the sesame seed with just the right amount of sugar. 

Serve the Palitaw by topping it with the sesame seeds and sugar. =) See the smile in your friends or family's face! they'll never know you did it yourself. he he 

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