Sunday, November 29, 2015

Planning on a JAPAN TRIP

Where to Go, Where to Stay, What to Bring? 

Where to Go, Just needed a day or two for planning. With an itinerary suggested by a friend, I went to thee internet and do my research for a day or two. 

The site where I get to see some itineraries is in JAPANICAN , here is where I patterned the places to visit; of course getting the entrance fees for each of the tour sites are through different sites, but mostly it is in the JAPAN-GUIDE site.  Of course, there is google too. ;) 

Doing this, gives me to account for all the possible expenses and so i can properly budget my stay in Japan. 

Sample of the ITINERARY is HERE. Of course, some sites, we might not be able to go to especially if the weather is not very nice on those days. =) ha ha 

This is the planned itinerary, with possible expense, at 0.40 exchange rate. as of this time though exchange rate is at 0.3865 =) 

Where to Stay??? 

We booked a place good for 4, actually but there was only 3 of us staying there. I think it was quite a good deal. at about 8thousand each for the whole week. so it was basically a few bucks over a thousand per night per person all in. It was rather cheap since the place we booked thru AIRBNB.COM is just a few minutes walk from the train station. This place is advertised at 3800++ per night not included in the rate is the cleaning fee of about Php3000 pesos.

The Key is to chat with the ad owner, and haggle. ask for a discount, ask for a few free charges or waving of commission etc. You will see it can go down to at least 10000 yen even. :D 

What to Bring? 

Main concern are the clothes! We need to have clothes ready for the weather that is winter in Japan on our trip this early December.  So the hunt for cheap winter clothes is on! 

Ukay-Ukay - Well I did try to chek those nearby but I did not find anything that I like. you can check out in stores near your places, some are really good finds too.

Uniqlo - This Japanese clothing chains offers a variety of Winter clothes as well, but you will need at least P10,000. Jackets go on sale for 50% off, still it is about Php1999 for a fleece jacket. For the freezing cold, you need more than a fleece jacket. 

Surplus Shop - Oh this is a great place! Even for guys o the big side, they have a variety of items for sale, leg warmers, gloves, beanies, jackets with wools, windbreakers. This is actually where I found my jacket. :D It is only Php900, gloves at Php99, legwarmers at Php199. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Chill Time at Chili's

Its been years since I went to this restaurant. I'm sure am excited to go back to this and well... enjoy a round or two of their unlimited nachos. :)

I thought coming out here on a friday non-salary weekend would be less packed with people. I was wrong. The place was full of people but we were immediately seated to a newly vacated table for 8. :)
We were immediately assisted and a menu was provided. They don't have the unlimited Margarita Promo anymore but they have 3 Margaritas for the price of 350Php.

There were about 8 to 9 Margarita flavors to choose from. I can only remember those that we ordered often that day, the Pomegranate, The Tropical Blue(My pick), Chomborge, and Tequilla Sunrise.

The customer service is excellent with this restaurant. Even if the place is full of people, you won't be waiting for a long time to be accomodated. Everyone was also very helpful. Not to mention the servings are huge and is worth the bill. :P

Saturday, November 21, 2015

When Steaks and Crabs are unlimited, It's EL CANGREJO

Craving for crabs, I went to google and found some really great reviews of the site. The price seemed reasonable and so we went to the place. =) It is located in Sgt. Esguerra (if you know where livestock is, it is in the same "compound".

So since we came for the unlimited Crabs and Steaks, We went for it directly. If you do not see it in the menu, just ask the waiter for it. They have been very helpful.

We ordered the scallops for appetizers since it looked really good in the menu. =P It came right on time and it was indeed good.


The Unlimited Steaks and Crabs in EL Cangrejo Comes with unlimited Soup of the day as well. This time it was Squash soup.

The steaks are great too, and you will be asked how would you like to have your steaks. I always want them well done so I don't complain if its a bit chewy. =P

 The crabs are fantastic too! You know they are fresh! As soon as you are left with one side of crab in your plate, you will be asked by the waiter if you'd like a refill. Usually We get a plate for each one of us - about 3-4 whole crabs! Oh geesh.

Anyway, if you want to try it out, Give them a call as they would require a reservation for guests that would like to avail of the Unlimited Steak and Crabs. Also, This is available only Tuesdays and Thursdays. =)

Phone number
02 3510700

Sharing My fascination with Nail Polishes and Nail Art =)

When you want to style your nails, You need not spend a lot on it. Actually just be ready with the basics: (1) Clear Nail Polish (2) Your Base Color/s (3) Some cute stickers! 

All of these that I will share are actually just stickers / art by following a lot of DIY Nail art designs. 

(1) My Panda Bear Design Nail Art Companions in Bali. 

(2) Blue Polish with Glitters matched with 3D Ribbons 

(3) Glow in the dark Pink and Purple Polishes (Bought Online for abour 60Php each) Used it only as a combination. 

(4) Cameo Style - Cameo Stickers were used in this nail art, with peach color base. 

(5) Hearts and Ribbons - This design only needs a contrasting color to the heart and ribbons in black and white. 

(6) Ash Green Base Color, with Different Colors of Butterflies (stickers) 

(7) 5 Layered Nail Polish. No Stickers, I just used a couple of stickers and a lot of time actually. You need to be able to let the polish dry before you put in another color. =) 

(8) Ash green + Galaxy Blue  #frenchtipstyle (With this design, I put in the clear color first, let it dry and put in the next two colors one after the other

(9) Now this is quite an easy design. It is a water decal. You just have to soak the decals in water and then put in on your nails. Let it dry and then coat with clear polish. 

 (10) Different Shades of Green, just alternate the colors in your nails and then put a design on your thumb. I created a bunny. It wasn't perfect but it is still cute. =)

(11) Basic White Color Background, Colored some stickers with other polishes i have, cut them out and stick them on my nails. Finish it off with a Clear Polish once more. 

Great Cheap Steaks at SteakTime!

It was one of those days where you want to have something really filling and not cause you a fortune for steaks. We haven't tried this restaurant yet and it seemed newly opened in the Tomas Morato Area, so we went it, upon seeing the Php 99.00 steak on their store facade.

Menu Cover

Steak Time, Spacious restaurant

The restaurant is spacious, smells of a good steak, indeed and so we felt a little more hungry! When our order was served, we were surprised by this huge service of meat! Comes with an unlimited Gravy too! we opted to upgrade the rice for a mash potato (additional 20Php).

T-Bone Steak


Ready for Battle!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Bohol: The City of Friendship Tours! =)

Alona Beach - Fine White Sand, just needs some cleaning up in shores because there were a lot of sea kelps :)


A sunset (jump) shot in Alona Beach

 Bilar Man Made Forest, nice shot, kinda gives you a "road less travel feels".  This road though is used by public. Taking photo is at your own risk. =P

Loboc River Cruise - Lunch buffet comes with the 1 hour river cruise; it was another great and fun experience. You feel like taking the trip to a mini amazon river (less the anacondas swimming in the river of course).

Here is the view of the whole boat from its own viewing deck.

Punta Cruz Watch Tower and the uplifted ridges brought about by the 2013 earthquake. Seabed literally shifted up and displaced the sea water...

Alona Beach Mountain View

A great relaxation spot as provided here by one of the resorts in Alona Beach, but its free for all - we weren't asked to leave when we were here and was just passing time. 

 Restoration Efforts currently ongoing in the Our Lady of the Assumption Church in Dauis, Bohol in this church, also is the famous miracle well is situated inside this church, open to public but in some parts only.

Having no chance for a boat ride / snorkeling due to the Typhoon Lando, we booked another land tour and went for the hinagdanan Cave. The Cave is both salty and fresh water. about 15feet deep, you can rent a life vest when you want to take a dip. Changing rooms are available at the back of their reception area.

When you go to the cave, insist a shot where in the lights is almost coming towards you and your friends. Our guide has done a good job with the shot for us. This is indeed the best fallback place

Tarsier Conservation Center - we came here with much anticipation and excitement. Too bad we only saw a few of the nocturnal (world's smallet) primate. =( But Still It was great they are being preserved and kept in their natural habitat. After All, they are only found here in the Philippines.

 The World Famous Chocolate Hills - i expected to see much more than these. Unfortunately some of the hills were naturally destroyed due to the earthquake that hit the province in 2013. It sure was breathtakingly wonderful up here too. The air is so fresh and it was still a nice sight.

 The Mag-Aso Falls, a wonderful place to take a fresh water dip too, when you want something else other than the sea water. This falls is just a few minutes walk, Due to the same earthquake that destroyed a lot of the churches the "easy" walk to the water falls was also damaged. we were directed to a different path - too slippery for us, and this was the hardest part of it all. got slipped a few times and has had mud in my boardshorts.Ha! Thank goodness they have changing rooms :D

Tigbao Hanging Bridge, this is a bamboo bridge. Shaky when you cross it and is really scary. It was a bit slippery too even though we crossed it and it was such a clear weather.
No doubt it was a recommended activity for "thrill-seekers" according to CNN, that counted Tigbao Hanging Bridge in Bohol among the world's 13 "most spectacular foot bridges"in 2014.

Just in the middle of the City is the Blood Compact Site - Strike a few pose then go to the souvenir shops nearby. They sell the cheapest Peanut Kisses, and Shirts. haha

Credit to @cheep (instagram) for the photos

Suddenly, We're in Bohol!! =) (Part 1)

It came to us like a flash, really. an email received of an offer for a cheap flight, trying out some days if it could work out for us and so it did. Booked a flight and searched for a resort and so we're on board. First time flying on Airasia, and it was a pleasant flight after all. There was even a provision for self check in and your boarding pass will be printed by the self check in machine for you. Works well especially when you do not have any luggage to check in.

We booked a resort/hotel near the alona beach... actually a few minutes walk. The resort's name is Alona42. We asked the owner himself, who is by the way very nice and accommodating why its Alona42 and he said because the number 42 is "the answer to everything" 

Our Room, for two. Its spacious and quite comfortable, two separate single beds, with a lamp to each one of us. There was a tv set (with no cable though), an electric fan, even if we do have an air-conditioned room! 

Our bathroom, I took a picture, seeing that it was also this nice. Clean, and the toilet papers being refilled as soon as they go out. The water heater works well too, sometimes the hot water would ran out a bit especially if most of the guests are probably taking a bath at the same time.

The resort is not very huge, its got a few rooms to it, probably no more than 20 rooms, there was no swimming pool however but the "restaurant" area was situated near the lobby / receiving area. We always stay here to get some fresh air as well. The restaurant has got a few menus to them, but they do not really allow for orders other than the usual breakfast meals.

The usual cup of coffee

The Hotel staff were all very accommodating as well. They even went up earlier than usual to prepare for our food early in the morning so we could be ready for the boat ride.

Every day, the breakfast served to us is quite nice, we did not expect it to be a lot! it was indeed a breakfast made for tourists with big appetite. 
Last Day Breakfast - Omelette
Resort at Night

Resort Premises
Coffee, Juice, Bacon and double eggs, two slices of bread, a jam and a butter all in one plate. As if these weren't enough, they would serve us with another cup of fruit. Usually sliced mangoes! Enough to get you going for the day and not be hungry until your next tour meal! =)