Sunday, November 29, 2015

Planning on a JAPAN TRIP

Where to Go, Where to Stay, What to Bring? 

Where to Go, Just needed a day or two for planning. With an itinerary suggested by a friend, I went to thee internet and do my research for a day or two. 

The site where I get to see some itineraries is in JAPANICAN , here is where I patterned the places to visit; of course getting the entrance fees for each of the tour sites are through different sites, but mostly it is in the JAPAN-GUIDE site.  Of course, there is google too. ;) 

Doing this, gives me to account for all the possible expenses and so i can properly budget my stay in Japan. 

Sample of the ITINERARY is HERE. Of course, some sites, we might not be able to go to especially if the weather is not very nice on those days. =) ha ha 

This is the planned itinerary, with possible expense, at 0.40 exchange rate. as of this time though exchange rate is at 0.3865 =) 

Where to Stay??? 

We booked a place good for 4, actually but there was only 3 of us staying there. I think it was quite a good deal. at about 8thousand each for the whole week. so it was basically a few bucks over a thousand per night per person all in. It was rather cheap since the place we booked thru AIRBNB.COM is just a few minutes walk from the train station. This place is advertised at 3800++ per night not included in the rate is the cleaning fee of about Php3000 pesos.

The Key is to chat with the ad owner, and haggle. ask for a discount, ask for a few free charges or waving of commission etc. You will see it can go down to at least 10000 yen even. :D 

What to Bring? 

Main concern are the clothes! We need to have clothes ready for the weather that is winter in Japan on our trip this early December.  So the hunt for cheap winter clothes is on! 

Ukay-Ukay - Well I did try to chek those nearby but I did not find anything that I like. you can check out in stores near your places, some are really good finds too.

Uniqlo - This Japanese clothing chains offers a variety of Winter clothes as well, but you will need at least P10,000. Jackets go on sale for 50% off, still it is about Php1999 for a fleece jacket. For the freezing cold, you need more than a fleece jacket. 

Surplus Shop - Oh this is a great place! Even for guys o the big side, they have a variety of items for sale, leg warmers, gloves, beanies, jackets with wools, windbreakers. This is actually where I found my jacket. :D It is only Php900, gloves at Php99, legwarmers at Php199. 

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