Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sambokojin: Yakiniku Buffet

Whenever there is an occasion or even just cravings for a grilled meat... our go to place would always be Sambokojin.  :) They have raised the buffet price to about Php799 Drinks not included.

So Why Anything else when there is Sambokojin?  Honestly, no Yakiniku around metro manila can beat Sambokojin. I have tried Yakimix, but they have actually downgraded now.  When its grill, only one restaurant comes to mind.

My Favorite is Cheese Wrapped in Bacon. Its really great with Sambal Sauce and fresh Lettuce.

The only dessert I try when I am in Sambokojin is the green tea ice cream. Also marshmallows dipped in chocolate is a perfect choice. I am not very particular with the dessert as I probably lost my sweet tooth when I was young. ha ha :D

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