Saturday, December 19, 2015

Universal Studios Japan - A really fun filled day!

Universal Studios Japan, in Universal City Station (Osaka Japan) is what we have planned for our Day 2 in Japan. On board the JR (Japan Railway) line we hopped from a subway to the JR platform and on to the Universal studio station.

You will be greeted by a huge Harry Potter Advertisement when you get up to the station and on to the Universal City Walk. You won't get lost because the station gets off only in one destination.

Universal Studios Japan opens their gate at 10AM, we were there at 9AM but the ticket booths were already full of people lined up buying tickets. We came early because we want to avail of the Express Passes (additional) so we do not need to fall in line for the 5 most sought after rides in this Amusement Park. 

When you do not want to line up and only intends to get the regular passes, this is available in the airport tourist information centers. We went to the park on a Thursday, with hopes that there would be less people but its good that we shelled out an extra 4800 yen for this (regular ticket price is 7200 yen) because others have to wait at least 2 hours just to get in a ride (especially in Harry Potter)

More information on other Rides in their official website:

The Jaws Ride was nice, since people rushed off to fall in line in the Harry Potter ride (and we have a schedule) we went to this express ride. It was a good few minutes, with a good performance of our "ride guide"that was driving the boat. =) She killed the shark and sent us to safety. heheh

For Harry Potter, we have a designated time, so off we went for that after a ride in the Amityville section. The Jaws ride was very cool, and i sure loved it and enjoyed it as much as I did all the other rides we tried. The Hogsmeade is such a cool place, since it was a gloomy day, it sure gave us a very "real feel"of the town if I may say.


What's a Hogwarts visit if you don't drink a Butter Beer? Oh nice cold drink (non-alcoholic) for a thirsty you after a wonderful ride!

Next is a ride in the Amazing Spider Man. It was another simulated ride. a 3D ride where Spiderman tries to save you and some other companion. This is also another nice ride, but it spins a bit. :D

A nice walk after the harry potter ride, a friend tried her luck in one of the games such as this where you get to take home elmo with you when you happen to hit and let the 3 small boxes fall.

A Walk in the streets of San Francisco inside USJ. =)

 A Snack Bar, just looking so cute with the three main stars of the Minions Movie. :D They also manage a snack bar here in USJ. ha ha

Hello Kitty just so happens to pass by and some tourists also was asking to take pictures with her. After all, Japan isn't Japan if you don't see Hello Kitty Around. hehe

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