Monday, November 23, 2015

Chill Time at Chili's

Its been years since I went to this restaurant. I'm sure am excited to go back to this and well... enjoy a round or two of their unlimited nachos. :)

I thought coming out here on a friday non-salary weekend would be less packed with people. I was wrong. The place was full of people but we were immediately seated to a newly vacated table for 8. :)
We were immediately assisted and a menu was provided. They don't have the unlimited Margarita Promo anymore but they have 3 Margaritas for the price of 350Php.

There were about 8 to 9 Margarita flavors to choose from. I can only remember those that we ordered often that day, the Pomegranate, The Tropical Blue(My pick), Chomborge, and Tequilla Sunrise.

The customer service is excellent with this restaurant. Even if the place is full of people, you won't be waiting for a long time to be accomodated. Everyone was also very helpful. Not to mention the servings are huge and is worth the bill. :P

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