Saturday, November 21, 2015

Sharing My fascination with Nail Polishes and Nail Art =)

When you want to style your nails, You need not spend a lot on it. Actually just be ready with the basics: (1) Clear Nail Polish (2) Your Base Color/s (3) Some cute stickers! 

All of these that I will share are actually just stickers / art by following a lot of DIY Nail art designs. 

(1) My Panda Bear Design Nail Art Companions in Bali. 

(2) Blue Polish with Glitters matched with 3D Ribbons 

(3) Glow in the dark Pink and Purple Polishes (Bought Online for abour 60Php each) Used it only as a combination. 

(4) Cameo Style - Cameo Stickers were used in this nail art, with peach color base. 

(5) Hearts and Ribbons - This design only needs a contrasting color to the heart and ribbons in black and white. 

(6) Ash Green Base Color, with Different Colors of Butterflies (stickers) 

(7) 5 Layered Nail Polish. No Stickers, I just used a couple of stickers and a lot of time actually. You need to be able to let the polish dry before you put in another color. =) 

(8) Ash green + Galaxy Blue  #frenchtipstyle (With this design, I put in the clear color first, let it dry and put in the next two colors one after the other

(9) Now this is quite an easy design. It is a water decal. You just have to soak the decals in water and then put in on your nails. Let it dry and then coat with clear polish. 

 (10) Different Shades of Green, just alternate the colors in your nails and then put a design on your thumb. I created a bunny. It wasn't perfect but it is still cute. =)

(11) Basic White Color Background, Colored some stickers with other polishes i have, cut them out and stick them on my nails. Finish it off with a Clear Polish once more. 

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