Friday, November 20, 2015

Suddenly, We're in Bohol!! =) (Part 1)

It came to us like a flash, really. an email received of an offer for a cheap flight, trying out some days if it could work out for us and so it did. Booked a flight and searched for a resort and so we're on board. First time flying on Airasia, and it was a pleasant flight after all. There was even a provision for self check in and your boarding pass will be printed by the self check in machine for you. Works well especially when you do not have any luggage to check in.

We booked a resort/hotel near the alona beach... actually a few minutes walk. The resort's name is Alona42. We asked the owner himself, who is by the way very nice and accommodating why its Alona42 and he said because the number 42 is "the answer to everything" 

Our Room, for two. Its spacious and quite comfortable, two separate single beds, with a lamp to each one of us. There was a tv set (with no cable though), an electric fan, even if we do have an air-conditioned room! 

Our bathroom, I took a picture, seeing that it was also this nice. Clean, and the toilet papers being refilled as soon as they go out. The water heater works well too, sometimes the hot water would ran out a bit especially if most of the guests are probably taking a bath at the same time.

The resort is not very huge, its got a few rooms to it, probably no more than 20 rooms, there was no swimming pool however but the "restaurant" area was situated near the lobby / receiving area. We always stay here to get some fresh air as well. The restaurant has got a few menus to them, but they do not really allow for orders other than the usual breakfast meals.

The usual cup of coffee

The Hotel staff were all very accommodating as well. They even went up earlier than usual to prepare for our food early in the morning so we could be ready for the boat ride.

Every day, the breakfast served to us is quite nice, we did not expect it to be a lot! it was indeed a breakfast made for tourists with big appetite. 
Last Day Breakfast - Omelette
Resort at Night

Resort Premises
Coffee, Juice, Bacon and double eggs, two slices of bread, a jam and a butter all in one plate. As if these weren't enough, they would serve us with another cup of fruit. Usually sliced mangoes! Enough to get you going for the day and not be hungry until your next tour meal! =) 

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