Thursday, November 19, 2015

Comfort Food: Baby Back Ribs

I am such a meat lover. There are also a few restaurants that I can go back to almost every month if given the chance. One of our favorite restaurants to go to bears this slogan: "The Best Ribs in Town". 

RACKS is one of the few restaurants, that are very well worth every peny you pay for your meal. Their food, Ribs, sides, and all others are quite a good deal. Of course, when you go to Racks, why not order their best RIBS? 

Need more information on what to order from this one of a kind Restaurant? 


My personal choice: Classic Pork Ribs with Salad and Two Sides 

When you have time to chit chat and so on, an Onion Brick as an additional order would also be a nice treat for you and your friends. =) 

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