Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Bali Tour Series F: Some more Temples, A Justice Hall and a lesson at Traditional Salt Making

If you are still here, then you still must crave more information and some photos of Bali! :D I hope you enjoy as I share more of the places we went to. This is probably the last of the series, as I have already made quite a lot of posts dedicated to the said trip. =) 

Also, if you want a sample of the itinerary, Well, before anything else, here it is: 

Tirta Gangga, or the Water Palace - with not much expectation for one of the oldest palace in Bali... we were really surprised as to how wonderful this is. this sure was the water park of the ancient Bali! 

Not sure if the water around the palace is actually filled with Kois then, but it is now! And the Koi's are huge. they are so healthy and so used to having a lot of people feeding them too. It was a huge Koi pond! 

The steps of the water palace, as shown in the photo are cement like, and can fit one person. You can go around it like a human puzzle/game and it was so much fun steeping from one stone to another. Of course if you decide to do so, you can only move forward as other people will follow suit; you can never go back and not want to continue on and finish the puzzle! :D 

It can take you up to 30 minutes trying to finish this water themed puzzle :D It was fun and sure was something all of us would really enjoy. :D Careful not to jump and try to make your steps quick, the water could be more than one's knee length. 

If the Lord of the Seven Kingdoms have the Iron Throne... in Bali you'd find the Stone Throne. We have also visited a museum in Bali. the Kerta Gosa Museum (I believe it was a former Justice hall). 
Here you will find a lot of memorabilia, and collectibles which dated hundreds and even thousands of years ago. Bali, or Indonesia for that matter does have a lot of history to them too. As you can all see in their food, culture, temples, religion and beliefs. 

Justice Hall

Ulun Danu Temple, is another must visit place! It is cold here but you will do fine just with your usual tropical country attire. What I like about this place is the temple built floating in the lake, the view of the lake and the serenity of the place. It is good to visit this early as it is packed with people, especially that the temple is still being used for religious events. 

Buddhist Shrine 

The visit to the traditional salt maker in Kusamba Beach is a welcome change for a day filled with visits to cultural heritages. It was short but full of learning - curiosity was satisfied.

The salt making process starts with getting water from the sea, it was through a man made basket carried from the seashore to the inner most shore and then thrown into the sand. They let it dry for 24 hours. When the salt water dries up, they get the sand and pours it in their wood containers. This process actually sifts through the sea water and some impurities. then it slowly drips into another wood container that is ready for another sun bathing. :D

These were not bleached

Taman Ayun - this is another family temple built in the 14th century. To the side, there's a large cock fight "event" replica.

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