Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The BearWitch Project - A Birthday Surprise!!!

It was a lovely, and special day... for my BF who is celebrating his birthday last Oct 29. It started with a challenge, when I asked him if he wanted a cake for his birthday. of course I was already thinking what to give him because I already saw the kind of cake I would give him. He then told me to surprise me instead. he has no idea what kind of cake he was... I told him I will try to buy something still but made no promises because I have whole day meetings that day. And probably he never expected anything. (good for me)
After lunch, with a plan in mind... I asked a friend to accompany me and off we went to SM Annex in North Edsa. We got off at the SM annex entrance, near the adobo connection, and Buffalo Wild Wings and Things. Tous Le Jours is where we wanted to go. I called the bakeshop hours before but they refused to reserve my Bearwitch.. So in fear of a ruined plan I had to get it as fast as I could! =P
So I did say its  Bearwitch cake, right? Yes it is. In time for the Halloween Tous Le Jours has put a hat in the bear!! When I eyed on this cake, it did not have a hat on it... but Im fine with that. =)
I asked the lady to put a dedication on the cake, asked for a candle (but was given a set of 5 candles of different colors). My friends got all the others and I just used two candles, one inserted in each of the Bear's ears. =) 
Enough introduction!!! Here's the cake... 

Tous Le Jours have a lot of branches, mostly in SM Malls. Visit their website for your own Designed Cake. =) 
Here's Where this goodie was placed, really cute... inside out! =) he he

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ivory liquid bath soap

A friend has asked me of any products that is good to use for bath that is okay for sensitive skin.... a bath soap and a liquid soap. I have, of course nothing else in mind but the Ivory products that we are using for years as well.
I suggested the 2 in 1 bath and shampoo from Ivory. And I know it would work and its good for the hair. I have never used any conditioners anymore since I used the 2in1 shampoo... its made my hair softer even and even if I sweat its not evident and there's no smell that sticks to my hair. :)

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dimsum Treats You'll never get tired of

I love Chinese foods, and I am especially attached to Dimsums! As a child I have always been brought siomai by my mom whenever she goes to Binondo to visit our grandad. Siomai's before were so much larger than those of the Siomai you see in food carts, they are only served with Philippine lemon and that's it... and of course wayy... better! 

Another Favorite Restaurant of mine is the Causeway Restaurant. they serve really great dimsums and these are discounted during 2PM to 4PM.  DIMSUM came from the word "Tiam Sim" Meaning Merienda, or Snacks. 

When you visit Causeway, try their Beancurd Roll. Its really very delicious, something new to the taste, especially if you are only used to DIMSUM meals of siomai, chicken feet, siopao or hakaw. 

It sure is a good change once in a while. Once you try it, you will find yourself craving for it once in a while.  =) 

Causeway Seafood Restaurant have branches in Timog and in Libis.


Friday, October 18, 2013

Stacking Burgers

So are you a fan of Burgers? Have you always loved the juicy beef and cheese and onions combination...? There is another joint that you can try... and you can even put as many patties as you want. 

You can build your own burger stacked as many as you want, and can afford. haha :D 

 I am a fan of Burgers, I love Brother's burgers, Hot shots, even Army navy Burgers, or the Baconator of Wendy's... 

I can say though that the burger of Stackers are not to die for... and its not something you would really crave as much as you would a Brother's Burger... Its not that bad, but its not that memorable either. Their Iced Coffee jelly though is better than what I have expected.

If you still don't believe me, try it... but don't blame it on me. =)

Thursday, October 17, 2013


I am always the kind of person that would easily feel saddened especially if someone is in pain, or is in some problems. What always gets me are old people that seemed abandoned, and little kids whose parents seem to not care about them.
I was really touched, and felt that I really need to share this to friends and people who might also have that in them... those who would be willing to help a poor child.
An Email came to me and I knew right then I had to do something, I had to at least reach out to friends and let them share whatever they can too. A child needs all the help they can get and we owe it to God that we share whatever we can.

I can always use my 300 bucks, but this time, I know I would be giving it up for a cause, and try to help save a baby's life.

I hope every one who reads this, and everyone who forwards this... may be able to touch someone's heart and help reach the goal for this Baby's life. Time is ticking... We all need to do our part.

Give your Support:
(+63) 9059009220
Maria Angelica Ponce
(+63) 9158498313
Mark John Anthony Ponce

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sequel to the Shrimp Recipe! Makin' it Crispy...

What you need... 
Shrimps!!! Shrimps!! and More Shrimps!! =) Believe me, as you take em' out of the fryer, everyone's getting themselves even before you serve them. he he 

So you have to peel the shrimps, remove the veins. The heads usually are not included, but heck, i fried it too! =) 
 so how to make it look yummy and crispy? Prepare the egg whites, flour and breadcrumbs. I tried without breadcrumbs and it was really good as well. 

How to fry your shrimps:
1. Dip the Shrimp in the Flour first (holding on the tail)
2. Next, dip it in the egg white
3. And Dip in the flour again. shake off the excess flour and fry. 

It should come out as this and you know it is perfect! 

With this Shrimp Recipe, it should be really quick to turn it inot something unique... like prepare a curry sauce, and dip the shrimp before you serve them... Or you can actually make a lemon butter sauce and dip the shrimp in there too. There are just too many variations... :D You will never go wrong! Buffalo shrimps Style!! =)