Thursday, October 17, 2013


I am always the kind of person that would easily feel saddened especially if someone is in pain, or is in some problems. What always gets me are old people that seemed abandoned, and little kids whose parents seem to not care about them.
I was really touched, and felt that I really need to share this to friends and people who might also have that in them... those who would be willing to help a poor child.
An Email came to me and I knew right then I had to do something, I had to at least reach out to friends and let them share whatever they can too. A child needs all the help they can get and we owe it to God that we share whatever we can.

I can always use my 300 bucks, but this time, I know I would be giving it up for a cause, and try to help save a baby's life.

I hope every one who reads this, and everyone who forwards this... may be able to touch someone's heart and help reach the goal for this Baby's life. Time is ticking... We all need to do our part.

Give your Support:
(+63) 9059009220
Maria Angelica Ponce
(+63) 9158498313
Mark John Anthony Ponce

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