Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sequel to the Shrimp Recipe! Makin' it Crispy...

What you need... 
Shrimps!!! Shrimps!! and More Shrimps!! =) Believe me, as you take em' out of the fryer, everyone's getting themselves even before you serve them. he he 

So you have to peel the shrimps, remove the veins. The heads usually are not included, but heck, i fried it too! =) 
 so how to make it look yummy and crispy? Prepare the egg whites, flour and breadcrumbs. I tried without breadcrumbs and it was really good as well. 

How to fry your shrimps:
1. Dip the Shrimp in the Flour first (holding on the tail)
2. Next, dip it in the egg white
3. And Dip in the flour again. shake off the excess flour and fry. 

It should come out as this and you know it is perfect! 

With this Shrimp Recipe, it should be really quick to turn it inot something unique... like prepare a curry sauce, and dip the shrimp before you serve them... Or you can actually make a lemon butter sauce and dip the shrimp in there too. There are just too many variations... :D You will never go wrong! Buffalo shrimps Style!! =) 

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