Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The BearWitch Project - A Birthday Surprise!!!

It was a lovely, and special day... for my BF who is celebrating his birthday last Oct 29. It started with a challenge, when I asked him if he wanted a cake for his birthday. of course I was already thinking what to give him because I already saw the kind of cake I would give him. He then told me to surprise me instead. he has no idea what kind of cake he was... I told him I will try to buy something still but made no promises because I have whole day meetings that day. And probably he never expected anything. (good for me)
After lunch, with a plan in mind... I asked a friend to accompany me and off we went to SM Annex in North Edsa. We got off at the SM annex entrance, near the adobo connection, and Buffalo Wild Wings and Things. Tous Le Jours is where we wanted to go. I called the bakeshop hours before but they refused to reserve my Bearwitch.. So in fear of a ruined plan I had to get it as fast as I could! =P
So I did say its  Bearwitch cake, right? Yes it is. In time for the Halloween Tous Le Jours has put a hat in the bear!! When I eyed on this cake, it did not have a hat on it... but Im fine with that. =)
I asked the lady to put a dedication on the cake, asked for a candle (but was given a set of 5 candles of different colors). My friends got all the others and I just used two candles, one inserted in each of the Bear's ears. =) 
Enough introduction!!! Here's the cake... 

Tous Le Jours have a lot of branches, mostly in SM Malls. Visit their website for your own Designed Cake. =) 
Here's Where this goodie was placed, really cute... inside out! =) he he

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