Sunday, November 15, 2015

Planning a TRIP to Bali, Indonesia

Not much expectations, but full of excitement. Bali, one of the known tourist destination in Asia! :D I have a lot of plans and how to spend them Bali Beaches. But we chose to avail a tour package, after reading through several blogs and travel sites as well that it is quite hard to commute around Bali since there is little to no public transportation available. 

Travelling to Bali from Manila is about 4 hours. Bali Airport is at Denpassar.

First, we booked a place to stay. It was booked through AGODA. the place is a good deal since we only have to spend about 1,000Php per day per room (for two). It is, however a bit within the (City) Denpassar area, and it would take 30 minutes to an hour or two to each of the other destinations. 

The hotel is clean, with very nice staff; but most of them do not speak english. The room comes with a free breakfast for two - and they do not open the restaurant for any other orders. The restaurant is open for guests who bring food from outside and you can eat them in their restaurant, but they do not take orders, not cook anything except for breakfast. 


The pool is small. it is also very cold. The pool water gave us a shock when we tried to dip in it, in a hot summer night. it was really cold. But it is very clean, nonetheless. 

Next, is the tour. there are a lot of tour packages, and travel agencies in the internet. We sent out a few inquiries to these sites, along with our planned itinerary. I have initially researched a few places that is a must visit. Some came back (via email) with an offer and a few did not. I managed to haggle a price that i think is suitable for us (group of 6), but other tours have fixed price. 

We booked about $125 worth of tour packages for 5 days, including our private ride of 8 hours, tour entrances and a lunch. Our Tour Agency's name was STAR BALI TOURS and they are very easy to communicate with. Our package was semi customized because it is a private tour, we also are able to do our sightseeing on our own time.  

I was not even asked for a down payment upon booking. We paid on the day (First day of our tour) and Wayan (our tour guide/ driver) was always on time each and every day. 

Their direct URL is
Phone : (+62361-7943706)
Mbl  : (+6281.338.591.311)  / (+6282.145.316.381)
E-Mail : ,
WhatsApp : 082145316381
Skype : starbalitour
Messenger : or

Each of our Day Itinerary will be posted separately in this blog for a more detailed (and more pictures) account of the whole tour. 

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