Sunday, November 15, 2015

Bali Tour Series A: Food Trip - What we ate around Bali (on a budget)

We survived Bali for 5 days, on a cheap budget for Dinner and Snacks (our lunch came with the tour). We managed to go to a restaurant that serve Pork Lechon and the likes. Also some street food that is equally as good as those you would order in restaurants. Bali is packed with tourists and so eating like a local is the best option(cheapest too) to try the food as what locals enjoy. =)

Babi Guling -  this is the local version of the Philippine's Lechon Baboy. I have to tell you though that this is so spicy! The first meal I ate in Bali Indonesia, burned my tongue!

About Php 125 (per plate)

Sate Babi - this is a ground pork on stick (similar to the kebab bbq) A Bit sweet in taste.

Php 50 per 3 pieces? 

Just a Burger - We found this burger stand by the convenient store where we buy drinks (near the hotel) It is not as good as the likes of the minute burger, or even angel's burger. After all its a chicken pattie. he he a bit bland for my taste.

Soto Ayam -Chicken Noodles (Soup) This one costs only about Php 40/bowl. It is really good and it tastes good; and filling too. Also the Ayam Sate is also in the banana leaves in this photo. It's got a sweet peanut taste to it. =)

In another instance, we were also able to chance upon someone who sells dumpling noodles (also about 40-50 pesos per bowl. This soup is a bit spicy. Its got dumplings and some squidballs (?)

The noodle seller even stayed for a while near the hotel's lobby and waited for us to finish our soups. =) He lend us the bowls and will serve as you requested. In my case, I asked my soup to be less spicy, or put more scallions, and so on.

When you are by the beach, there are also some vendors that sell some authentic Bali Street food. =) More barbecued chicken on stick, careful to tell them you don't want the chili poured all over the barbecue! Also there are some grilled corn with sweet and spicy sauce. It is a must try! The corn is really really great! =)

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