Sunday, November 15, 2015

Bali Tour Series B: Beach Hopping

Bali is known primarily for their white sand beaches, but a trip to Bali has introduced us more to their culture more than anything else. They have more to offer than temples, and beaches actually. This post though will focus on the obvious Bali spot every one dreams of visiting in Bali. ;)

Nusa Dua Beach: This beach is where most of the high end resorts are located. The beach is free, you can take a dip, swim a bit and have a quick change by the beach (or by a paid bathroom near the surf board rentals).

Just a few meters walk, at the other side of the Nusa Dua Beach, is "The Bay, Bali" The beach also has a long shore ideal for beach walking. We first went here, and intended to swim a bit, but the sand although was white... it was a bit rough since the quality of the sand is not that fine. Taking a close look (using the microscope function of my camera) it shows corals that aren't that much fine yet. =)

Beach "Sand" Up Close

The water, as you can see, is very clear and clean. =)

Jimbaran Bay - The restaurant where we ate our lunch was at Jimbaran Bay. It is also a white sand beach. The whole stretch of the beach is calm, and suitable for swimming. The whole Jimbaran Bay was lined up with a lot of several other resorts and restaurants by the bay. =) Too bad we did not stay for a long time here. The sand was fine, but not as great as that of the Nusa Dua Beach. =)

Seminyak Beach - This is yet another beach, more of a public one. There was a huge parking space for patrons here. We intended to take a swim but was a bit disappointed since the beach was not as white as what we thought most Bali beaches are. =P Another challenge was the lack of a public changing room too. So once you take a swim, there was no way you can wash up properly. You will have to change into your normal clothes in public. We are not able to see how the locals do it, though since there was practically no one around, except for our group and a couple of vendors.

The Seminyak beach is free of charge, and well it sure looks like a great place to relax, we just ought to transfer and get on with the rest of the tour (finishing earlier than usual) since we felt we couldn't swim and not wash up leaving our skin to dry with sea water. This beach sure does have a huge shore. =)

Sanur Beach - This is the last beach on our list for this tour. Having come to this beach as part of the trip and where we had our wonderful lunch by the bay. The beach is calm, but a bit more rocky in one area. The shore is a bit shorter, and narrow hence not much beach goers come. There are parked boats in some area around  the shore, but still the view is breathtaking.

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