Monday, November 16, 2015

Valentino Spa and Resort and a Side Trip to the famoue Batangas Lomi

It was quite a busy season, hence our summer outing was postponed until about early July. We were looking at other options but Valentino Spa has offered us a perfect overnight stay for our alloted budget for about 20 people.

We stayed in a 2 dorm type room, with 4 double deck beds; There were only 2 bathrooms, hence we took turns taking a bath; There were shower areas near the pool at the back of the location where we were situated at and it sure helped the boys so they left the two bathrooms mostly for us girls to use.

Valentino Spa and Resort offers Villas too, for families and friends alike. They have a spacious area, suitable for team buildings too. There were about 3 swimming pools, and a jacuzzi (that is always on).

Since it was past the peak season, we almost have the whole place all to ourselves. We were able to do some team activities without disrupting other patrons. It sure was a great place to relax and take a dip.

Here we are, waiting for our turn at the famous Corcolon's Lomi in Batangas! Its a must try if you are nearby. We waited close to an hour before we were served with our orders! It's cheap and tasty! Cholesterol overload, though. =)

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