Friday, November 13, 2015

I have been K-popped!

I have no intention really to turn my personal blog into a KPOP only posts but I just want to share what I have been up to the last few months I haven't been around to update my blog.

I love Korean Dramas and yes I watched a drama that turned me into a KPOP / KROCK fan. I have no intentions but it just went through and I was sucked into it almost forcibly (by some unknown Force).

I just want to introduce them to you all of you here! And move on and try to update the blog with travels and of course some food trips. So please allow me to just allot this page and a few others (in the future) to be dedicated to them.

I am now a PRIMADONNA! oh yah. If you are sucked in to one KPOP Group and all you think about is their music, their performance, and you follow all their accounts in social networking sites, you already belong to a FANDOM. Basically my fandom name is PRIMADONNA. We bear the color yellow, a pentastick and a lightstick that is only that of the group I FOLLOW.

So what group is that?! Its FTISLAND. Five Treasure Island. Okay, not very catcy name. Perhaps i can refer you all to some of their songs, and performances (you can message me for all of those) and you'll know why i got hooked in the first place.


Anyways, Here are the members of the BAND. Oh yeah, by Band I mean they play instruments and they are not your typical IDOL groups that dances on stage. Hence, they are not as well known as their BIGBANG and SUPER JUNIOR Counterparts.

Lee Hong-Gi (Or Lee Hong Ki / Lee Hong gi) is the Main Vocalist. He is basically the frontman, the one everyone sees all the time. He is the owner of the very unique voice - that is only him.
* he joined a singing contest in a KOREAN show where his face was covered in mask, and yet almost all judges knew it was him (its got to be him because his unique voice has surrfaced) 

Lee Hong Ki (FM302 Album Cover)

Choi Jong Hoon is the Lead Guitarist. He is the leader of the Band. He is the one that basically tells everybody when they should practice, how they should interact, and all. He loves BearBricks and is very addicted to it. He even brought them and well guested one in his very recent drama. (yeah a toy got a guest appearance)

Jong Hoon and his Bearbricks

Lee Jae Jin is the Bassist. He is basically the band's middle child. trapped between the oldest and the youngest member of the group. He is also known as the "Saico". Meaning he is actually a bit psychotic at times haha . nah by that i meant he is funny, and just being him.

Lee Jae Jin

Song Seung Hyun is also a guitarist, joining the band when another member left, he is matured for his age, but is always happy. He shows a happy disposition despite a lot of challenges; and he is also called a soft smile hero - his smile can light up even the darkest room. It is such a stress reliever.

Seung Hyun the Soft Smile Hero

Choi Min Hwan is the group's youngest member. He is so cute, really. ha ha well he is the Band's genius drummer. He always does cute faces, and is very good at doing selfies. He did a 30 minute show teaching their fans how to maximize and make yourself a good selfie photo! :D

The Cutest Maknae Choi Min Hwan

Collectively, the Band - FTISLAND is not a dance idol, they are a rock band. Very famous in JAPAN and has held several concerts a year. they are a bit underrated, as they have little fan based (not the strongest in numbers but i guess the strongest at heart).

What I love about this band is that they are very true to everyone who follows them. Sometimes a bit too much honest. They do not try to put up a fake image and tries to cover up mistakes. they just show the real nature of their personality. This is probably why even the small fans they have have mustered up all their strength and gives them the support, as much as they could.

Interested to see the true colors of the band that is the FIRST group to have a Rated+19 Show in KOREA?? Check this out!  Coming Out Episode 1: and search from there. This MTV reality show has 5 episodes.

More information:

Youtube Official:

Philippine Fan Club (Not official)

FB Group: 
Twitter account: @FTIPRI_PH

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