Friday, May 16, 2014

La Mesa Eco Park

We came from a trip to La Mesa Eco Park in Quezon City. I have read so much about this park and have even seen a couple of pictures from officemates as well... so we decided to visit and have a look for ourselves. We took the commonwealth road all the way to winston street and turned left to the Eco Park. It was funny though that the security guard from the winston street entrance asked for a donation of 10 pesos so we do not have to go around the back entrance.

The parking area is huge, but is not possible to accomodate like 100 cars, buses are required to go down a different road, possibly another parking area much farther than the one closer to the parking entrance. Entrance fee is 50 pesos for adults, 30 for children and free for senior citizens and children below 3 feet. All other amenities when you get inside is not inclusive of the park entrance. They have Paintballs, boat riding, horseback riding, butterfly hatchery, biking and wall climbing amongst others. Cottages are free though, first come first served basis.

We spent an entire 4 hours inside the park, walking up a trail, climbing the stone stairs to see the dam, and eating a hotdog and buko juice sold inside the park, taking a lot of pictures as well. I'm impressed with the park because the Comfort rooms are clean, not a slight uninviting scent is present; that is a good indicator that the place is very well maintained, and I hope they keep it that way. It is a good start to our future nature trips.

*If you decide to go for a swim, it is advisable for you to come early, we went there at around 11 am and the people and the pool is not yet packed with people (it was a friday - weekday) and was packed when we are leaving the park att around 3pm. They refuse entry to the pool area if the maximum capacity of 300 is reached. So be there early.

*The view of the dam is spectacular. It is beautiful in its own way, suggest you go up the stone stairs and experience fresh air and nice view you can see over there. Its worth the sweat and the thirst, even the heat of the sun...

Other Information:
No, we did not avail of thee boat ride as it costs like 100 for a 20 minute self service boating spree... Butterfly hatchery is also at 50 bucks each person, and swimming costs 80 per head.

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