Thursday, May 22, 2014

Samsung Galaxy SIII (S3) Battery Problem

I made sure that I always try to maximize the use of my gadgets; This is the first Android phone that has caused me problem, honestly. 

My Phone has suddenly experienced lights flickering when I was only reading ebooks through my phone. I thoughtit was my eyes, but my battery went from 50% to 4%, already my phone is complaining that it's battery is critically low. 

I restarted my phone, still skeptic... to no avail. My battery lose 1% every trials. 

I opened my phone's casing as soon as I turned it off. Took the battery out and to insert again, when I notice through touch that it was swollen. 

Wow. I have not noticed this as I do have a casing. I was scared and I removed the battery. It has been 3 days and I have never opened my phone, not yet anyway.

So curious as I was, I logged in to google and checked out some "S3" battery issues, and well i sure came about to me that the battery has received a lot of complaints from many S3 users all over the world. So as if it is a consolation that I wasn't the only one. =( 

Today, I went to SM North Annex to inquire about Samsung Battery replacements. They only have it in their service center; all samsung stores does not have battery stocks. 

So waiting for my turn, I was pursuaded by my BF to buy from Samsung and not Class A batteries. I was tempted, actually. he he 

Samsung Battery for S3 and S4 costs me 2,359 pesos. Order basis only. It is available 5-7 days. Well I have no choice, I ordered and paid on the spot. =) 

I'm just glad that the woman that assisted me offered to check my phone, and luckily my phone's motherboard is still functioning well, and that my battery is the only one that is to be replaced. 

So what have I learned from this experience? Take care of your damned phone's battery! ha ha  And here are some tips on how to do so:

1. Even if they tell you it is okay to charge your phone even if you are not "low bat" yet, better to be safe than sorry. If you won't need the juice, just charge at home when its about 15-20% left. 

2. Try not to charge with powerbanks. I have a power bank and Ihave not used it for emergency, but for convenience, charging my phone while in bed as I play a game! 

3. Never Charge and Play a game at the same time. 

4. Quit playing games when you feel your monitor is getting hot. Do not assume it's going to be able to manage the temp on its own. - This has apparently given me a problem now that my phone's battery did not even lasted 2 years.

5. Make sure you will be able to fully charge your phone when you plug it in.

6. Do not believe in android battery calibration apps. This was the last thing I did before my battery gave up. only minutes after the assessment of my battery, it gave out. but the apps' report was that my battery is in good condition. 

Believe me, the opposite of these tips are what I have done with my phone, abused it, and charged, and recharged it. Even had the screen too hot to touch... Now I have Php2300 damage on my pocket! 

Here are some ways to know that your battery is about to give up on you...

1. The Battery either charges too fast or too slow when plugged in.

2. When fully charged, even in stand by mode, you lose about 10-20% battery life in an hour

3. Your apps would hang and you only have a restart to help you get the phone to work. 

4. The screen will occasionally flicker (during this stage, it is quite inevitable and it is only about time before it gives up on your phone). 

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