Friday, May 16, 2014

724 Steps Above: Mount Tapyas, Coron Palawan

Now that we are done with the Island Tours, Let me now share with you the step by step journey towards the peak of Mount Tapyas. So much have been said about how beautiful Palawan is, but not many has experienced this much talked about place. Well, we have, and will surely be glad to share the feelings, and pictures of course. * Thank God we did went up the hill. It sure does not look promising when you are at the town proper, looking at the almost barren mountain - but you can never be prepared at how beautiful the place truly is when you see it for yourself.

Well, it was said that Mount Tapyas is called this way because during the world war, a bomb was dropped and caused the other half of the mountain - tapyas is a tagalog term meaning "ripped off".
Quite a number of villagers await you from this starting point on your way up. Most mineral water sellers accompany you as you go up the mountain - yes we have been accompanied by two kids who where in their highschool. It was summer vacation and they have thought of selling mineral water here at the site to the mountain climbers wannabe like me. =)  

The steps have no markers, but the kids who went up with us confirmed that there are 724 steps to the cross!  The above 200th marker is the last identifier of how much more steps you have to go through.... Barely making it to the half of the steps, i am a bit exhausted, and catching for my breath! I am excited though of what is up there! so up we go - my friends, and I.

There is the cross, it looked so near from our view... But we have a couple of hundred more steps to make to get to the top. We have to go up as fast as we could, it is almost sunset and we need to be up there in the summit before we lose the chance of sunlight seeing the whole town, and the Coron islands view from the top.

Taking the steps one at a time, hurrying at some points... the villager kids have told us that it was really beautiful up there... and there is the mountain range they call the "Sleeping Giant".  It is reflecting as a man lying on his back - with a very obvious head and body form.

We are very close to our successful climb uphill. I am now smelling what true nature is! The air is much colder now, the view whilst still in the working our way up the steps is getting even better, the beauty is slowly unfolding itself. This is one way you are to feel God's manifestations and love! I think I could go over and over raving about the wonderful feeling as you go high up the ground.

Finally! I can see quite a number of people running around the site, obviously mesmerized by the view they are seeing from there! Now im much more excited than I was before the climb!

Now with all these, I am really lost for words - no better adjective can describe the beauty and the wonderful things that we have in our country, there can be no other place i want to be at the time! It was perfect timing! Witnessing sunset from the top of the mountain is truly an experience worth every step.


We give tribute to all those who have worked hard for the cemented steps up this mountain, for the villagers who have kept the place safe for tourists, for the two boys who have served as a guide as we go up the mountain.... and to God who is magnificently manifesting his love through these wondrous works of art everywhere - not only in Palawan, in the Philippines but all over the world!

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