Sunday, January 6, 2013

CDO Adventures - Conquering the Water Rapids and Strong Winds

The trip to Cagayan de oro was surely unexpected and was a quick planning one. An officemate just asked if we can go and everyone else was just confirming and planning and before we know it, we were already booked! 

Staying overnight in Camiguin Islands (as a side trip) we sure did went to a lot of places. Going to hot springs, cold springs, seeing the mount hibok-hibok, the old  church ruins, and the sunken cemetary... it was really a good place to relax and unwind. They also have a nice cool white island (literally an island coming out of the sea when its low tide and disappears on high tide. My favorite place in Camiguin, is the very majestic Katibawasan falls. =) I would give up any other places to be here as much as I can, if you ask.  More of Camiguin Islands in this  LINK 

Leaving Camiguin with a heavy heart(wishing to have more days in the island, of course) we took a fastcraft to Cagayan de oro port. Travel wasn't so fast, anyway. we were rather disappointed as we were travelling on the sea no less than 2 hours! =( I had to take two no travel tablets so i won't feel dizzy. 

Camiguin - Done! Now we are on to the next challenges. We were so ready for the Zipline and the white water rafting in the Cagayan De Oro River. Oh my palms were so cold and a bit sweaty though when i was about to be let go to have that 850 meters worth of travelling from one point to another in the Dahilayan Park. 

When you are scheduled for a trip to the Dahilayan Park, bring jackets, it was soo cold up there! The air is so thin, it's given me chills that I have to wear two of my shirts. :D 

Our last day in Cagayan De Oro is probably one of the best that marks our CDO trip - a very nice to remember is our 3 hour White Water Rafting! Thank God the day was calm and  sunny. The water rafting was worth noting as it was one of a kind experience. Going through more than 20 rapids in those hours of being in the "Raft" paddling, singing, laughing, taking a dip and jumping in the river... it was really a great experience I would love to have all over again! 

 Above photo was the orientation before the RIDE!!
Below are the Rapids one after the other. It is a team sports! :D 

After surviving the crashing, the endless paddling, back paddling, and more... when the river is deep and peaceful, you can request for a "capsize" treat below... 

or have that jumpshot from the raft to the river! Just make a request to have multiple shots so you'd see yourself disappear into the water. haha
Warning: You'll almost touch the bottom of the river if you jump high enough. hehe Just wish your life vest does its job and to pull you up and save you.

And, of course! After every rapids your raft have succeessfully survived, there's that wonderful High five! All paddles in up!! 

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