Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bible Reading Plans and Guides

Last year - 2012, we have been successful in completing the one year bible plan, a bible verse a day is what we have been busy in the past months to accomplish this. 
So, to Welcome 2013 and to look forward to what this year can bring, I thought of sharing many different ways to read the bible, with resources and guides that I too used for my bible reads on a daily basis. 
My favorite is Back to the Bible website. They are a wonderful resource place when it comes to reading the bible. It is the most perfect, so far to me. 

In this site, You will find the many different ways and guides to jumpstart your bible reading habits, as follows:

1. Chronological - read the bible as it happens, some books may be read with other books in one day. 

2. Historical - read the bible according to the time it was written. 

3. Beginning to the end - Read the bible in order of the books starting from the first book (Genesis) of the old testament to the last book of the new testament (Revelations). 

4. Old and new Testament together - Reading the bible both old and new  testament together. 

Many other guide types and reading guides are available in their website. Let us start the year right! =) 

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