Sunday, April 15, 2012

PLDT DSL- The worst of them all

I had blogged about our plans of switching from BayanTel to PLDT months before when we were experiencing issues with connection. The thing is, wee did apply for PLDT dsl last February 11 and we were asked that the application was approved after a week. We paid for the installation at their center and waited for another week for the installation. Another 5 days passed and we were already thinking if there are any updates or schedule as to when the installation would take place. 
I called PLDT and they  told me that the service order had to be cancelled because they found out there were no available line iin our place - but they approved the application and took our money 2 weeks ago! 
So we were told to wait and they will request for a cancellation of the request and will have to create a new one, so we almost followed up everyday until about the mid of march... Basically we gave up. Every follow up, we requested them to update us at least as to the status of our request but not a single call came from the people in PLDT. 
We just applied for globe and is already using the line with globe! what a relief that we did not have to endure PLDT's worst customer service. 
First, their system  can only accomodate 1 service request at a time.. so imagine you have encountered a problem with your line you cannot even have your dsl checked because they only accommodate one concern at a time! what stupid company would buy a system like that?
Second, we have probably talked to all of their customer service agents, even requested for supervisors and  managers and guess what they are good at? They are good at promising  to update you and forget they ever talked to you. 
Of all the companies in the Philippines that offers services, credit cards, banks, telecommunications, i would say, that PLDT has got the worst ever! 
Now lastly, as if they were still not contented with what they did to us... we called to have our account cancelled instead so they should just give us a refund, we were told to wait another 2 or 3 weeks to have our money back! wow! talk about how thick one's face can get.
I am soooo glad we are over this.. (soon) since we haven't got our money back, yet.  


  1. I am a victim of PLDT too, their customer service is probably the worst in the world. Aside from their very bad customer service they also have a lot of downtimes and the bandwidth they give is always lesser than what is in your plan. I hate PLDT, they suck so much. Subscribing to PLDT is the worst mistake in my life. PLDT makes my life miserable.

    1. I know that is going to happen to us - we have not been subscribers yet but still we suffered with their customer service, and for their people's lack of knowledge at what they do. I mean, they called me just early this week asking about our subscription... duh i told them we cancelled and would want our refund back! its been 4 months...