Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Top Android Applications

I love my Android Phone and for a year now, it is just lately that i have seen the full potential of this type of phones!

There are so many applications that can be downloaded and they are really very useful in your day to day experience with your phone. For starters, Android is an open software that is currently used in most touch screen phones; Samsung, HTC, LG, and Panasonic are the ones that produces Android Phones.

Applications such as calendars, messaging tools are very much available over "Market Downloads". You may do a lot of things with the phone and you can even be your phone's administrator by rooting your phone - of course at your risk. =) Mine is not rooted, i just had the software upgraded; it basically gives me already a wonederful experience and I wish not to have problems with the phone so I am fine with this rights to my phone.

Below are the Top applications that I like best in my Android Phone (no particular order):
1) GO SMS - This is a messaging software, downloadable free; Pro version gives you even an interface with facebook chat and the themes are really wonderful! there are paid themes and there are also a lot of free themes you can use. 
   This Messaging is by far the best from its competitors, this has never failed me, not hanging and it gives a lot of options as well. Scheduled messages can be created, you can also filter messages, move contacts to a private box(with password)

   Go here to download or to get more details:  GO SMS

2) File Explorer - For those, like me who does not have wifi access; this is really helpful for me in installation of new applications downloaded over pc. What I need to do is to just copy the APK file of the application in my SD Card, and install it from the file explorer.
   There are a lot of File explorers, but mine was the Astro File Manager and it works wonders!Click here for the link.

3) Photo Wonder - If you love photos and would love to have access to retouching your face, clearing some of the unwanted lines, etc... this application would be perfect.
   The photo in my profile for this blog is edited through the said application.

4) Adobe Reader - If you love to read ebooks, You sure will find the Adobe Reader helpful for those PDF Files!

5) App Back Up Restore - This application lets you back up and restore your applications downloaded to an android phone. All you need is a connection to the internet and the rest will be done with a few touches!

6) History Eraser - Whenever we do something in our phone, it logs the details... this is evident in our call logs and applications we opened that are not closed properly and these apps do take a lot of spaces! With the use of this free tool, you can free up a lot of spaces, causing your phone to run faster!
7) Gallery lock Pro - This application gives your photos and videos the privacy you need. :D

8) NIV Bible - A free application that you would surely love to have, especially if you are a Christian. The complete version is downloadable free, and it would even give you a daily readings! Truly a blessing to have this app running on your phone.

9) Fruit Ninja - Okay for those who loves games, this would surely capture your hearts and waste your time.. a lot. This game is really addicting! It would make you want to always get the fruit trivia, and to unlock new blades! ha ha

10) MP3 Cutter Free - This is just a free version, but it is very easy to use. you will be having that mp3 (cut version) for your ringtone or sms message alert in no time! Comes really useful to people like me who loves to have different ringtones all the time. =)

I am no techie person, so there is actually no need for me of the other applications (thousands of them available) but soon as i get hold of a new interesting application, i will surely share them with all of you again!


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