Saturday, January 14, 2012

I can now make a dumpling! =)

Its so nice that I am finally able to make a dumpling on my own - from scratch! So How did I do it? I had a dumpling maker - its only php 66.00 from Japan Home - we bought it the last time my mom  and I went for shopping.

Here is how it looked like...

What you need to make a dumpling:

Giniling or Ground Pork
Red Onions
Vetsin(small pack)
Hoisin Sauce
Dumpling Wrapper / Molo Wrapper may be used if Dumpling Wrapper is not available

Chop the onions, and the carrots. Mix with the ground pork, put in the vetsin, some sugar, and about 3 table spoon of Hoisin sauce (depending on the amount of ground pork you are using).
Have your wrappers ready and start making the dumplings! The tool we bought from Japan Home is very easy to use!

You may either steam or fry the dumplings. ;) Enjoy!!

* Sorry for not being able to explain this well. ha ha i am not a very good at writting instructions, especially recipes... I will try harder next
time... okay?!

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  1. How nice! I want to get a dumpling maker too!
    I just followed you.. Please do check out my blog too.