Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My nails grew flowers..

Thanks to the last Foot and Hand Spa experience we had (my friends and I) I got inspired to destress and use nail polishing, or nail art to somehow kept myself busy with something else.
In this entry, you see the result of the latest of what i did to my hand nails. The 3D nail stickers were bought from Landmark Department store in Trinoma Quezon City (a pack costs 49.50 pesos). There are many different designs available but I thought the flowers were cute
and so i chose them.

Each finger nail had different flower color, What I did was to alternate the colors; the stickers are quite sensitive, they break easily but sticks really well to the the nails its rather difficult to manage. It took me almost 2 hours to finish all my 10 fingers! haha

So What do you think of the nail art I did for myself?

But i sure hope you find it worth the effort, seeing the pictures of them in my nails? My nail design is of course nothing compared to the ones in this site... http://www.nailartgallery.com/ but I guess its a good start. he he

Have a happy day!

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