Saturday, January 28, 2012

Discovering Dove Hair Products

I have been eyeing on the Dove hair care products since I first saw them lined up in the shelves of Mercury Drugstore. Never got the chance before though because we still have a huge 500ML of Pantene waiting to be all used up. 

Well fortunately, I was given a sample last time I was at  the shopping mall... and this is what I got... A shampoo and a conditioner! =) I was so excited to use it!

And so I did try it out just a few hours ago. The shampoo and the conditioner had the same flowery sweet scent. I love the scent because it wasn't so mild and yet it isn't too perfumed smell at all. The shampoo produced quite an amount of lather for my short hair, i felt sorry for a minute that I had used up all the content of the sachet, when i think i can have used it for two washes.
The conditioner is a blast too. It made my hair really soft, and it felt so bouncy too... its not the kind of conditioner that feels heavy on your head. But I had to admit it was too hard to wash off... just like all the other conditioners in the market. 
So far, so good though and I have to give it a perfect ten for the softness and for the scent. I don't know about the promise it bears - "Intense Repair".. but I will buy this product and put it on with the products I use in my daily bath! 


  1. That looks promising! I am wondering if it is available here in US.

  2. hiyee bechay! =) it is promising. my hair still feels soft till this time =) he he but i would be able too test it if i go out tomorrow he he... =)

  3. I love Dove products in general. I've been us their hair care line for months and they didn't disappoint me.