Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bayan Broadband - So happy with the service!

After seeing an online friend post a complaint in MYLOT about the bad service she was getting from Globe Broadband and how since 4 months ago, they haven't used the service as much as they were using all the other network they have, I got inspired and felt the need to blog about the good service we are getting from BAYAN Broadband

So here goes:
Seeing the commercial of Lola Techie, yet again.. i thought hey aren't we qualified to avail of the free router / free wifi promo of Bayan Tel since we are on a plan 1900?

Thursday: I called them up early in the morning, about 830 am. I was immediately answered and was referred to a different number, 411-2000. I was advised they are the ones handling the concern for Wifi connections. i got all the information I need and it was explained to me very carefully by the person i talked with. The modem will be charged 200 bucks, and 499 for the service/one time connection fee... and no other charges will be given on the succeeding bill. =)

Friday: After talking to my brother, who agreed to have the modem changed to a modem/router i called the same number and talked to another agent who created a request for me. I asked when we can expect the person to come and replace the modem, and was advised to expect 3 days, including weekends. 

Friday Afternoon; the technician came already! had the modem replaced, changed some settings in the pc and the connection.. and viola! Wifi account has already been set up! =) 

Since Friday night, till today.. the signal is good... and i can say that BayanTel always is the best when it comes to the broadband services. Why? Because we have been with them since 2004 and every time we had issues with no internet, we cannot connect, etc... their technician would always come right on time- usually less than 24 hours and we would have connections already. For 8 years of being their customer... we have only experienced more than 24 hours of no connection when there was the Milenyo typhoon, and that's it! 


  1. My teeners have been using Globe Broadband in Davao for quite some time now. When I visited them last year, I was very mad because there was no internet connection for 3 flippin' days and my husband back here was not happy about it. My teeners said it was the first time it happened.

  2. i have a friend who have told me about their globe too and they have not received any good customer service...