Friday, January 27, 2012

Home Spa with Lander Foot Spa Set

Thank God for brothers! My brother bought himself a set of footspa products from the Mercury Drugstore a while ago... Well, I was excited myself and had to hurry him to try it out. (After him, I tried it out myself too!) 

1. Foot Soak
- i boiled a water enough for him to dip his feet in the lukewarm water with some parts of the Footsoak from Lander.
- I advised him to wait for around 15-20 minutes then I would scrub his feet. haha! i told him I know how they do it in Foot Spa services! =)
- The foot soak did help, i noticed that the skin absorbed the foot soak better than when you soak your feet in plain water.  
2. Foot Scrub
- armed with the hand scrub (the scrubs that fit into one's hand and fingers) I scrubbed my brother's feet, joking him to pay me 500 bucks for the services. haha 
I noticed the scrubs was not really thick, the scrubs were not very generous, hence i had to put more to feel the scrub effect. 
3. Foot Lotion
- I am not sure if there is really something about the lotion, but i guess it suree was made specifically for feet? Well the lotion is not rich, it was rather a bit watery. For this, I advised my brother to just put some lotion in his feet and wear socks so the lotion will seep into the skin. (Hopefully - I usually do this myself and told him the effects was always better.

Common to the three product is the cooling effect you will feel; because its peppermint, it gives soothing menthol smell! I love it!  

* The Foot Spa set is available in Mercury, each costs about a hundred and 9 pesos (Php109.00+)

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