Tuesday, January 31, 2012

25 Peso Massage, anyone?

Mom loves massages, I too love to have massages, but when we celebrated my niece's birthday at timezone... we got hold of a cheap massage for those in a hurry. I suggested my mom to try the massage chair for 25 bucks. The chair would give you a back massage for 4 minutes. I guess its not too bad especially if you just want to have your back relaxed for a couple of minutes. 
With the massage chair, you do not need to make time for a scheduled massage.. but of course do not expect a soothing menthol scent to go with it. Be ready with the noise of the area as it was positioned next to the karaoke rooms, or the arcades. Don't tell me I didn't warn you... but if you have got nieces, nephews or kids that love the timezone, waiting for them while being massaged in the back is not so bad after all, right? =) 


  1. nice sana if it's 30 minutes for Php25. haha

  2. Nakakabitin naman kung 4 mins lang sis :)