Thursday, November 24, 2011

Today is the day!

I woke up a bit lonely today. Some thoughts are troubling my mind. It got me to think too while I walk on my way to the office early this morning. It was a perfect day to walk, the sun is not shining so brightly, the road is dry and but the surrounding is not hot.

After all that has happened, Why is he still lying to me? I think this really is enough.Noh? I should not be punishing myself... yes he did me wrong. But for me to allow him to keep doing it to me is my fault.

I thought this morning, When will i be happy? When will I meet someone who could make me feel I am a princess? When will I see that man who will promise me everything I hoped for and work on it everyday? When will that day arrive when someone would tell me I am is all he wants to be with for the rest of his life? When will that someone come? That someone who would never ever lie to me, that someone who would never break my heart like this? That someone who would never hurt me?

I prayed to God to hear me, to come quickly and bring him to me, And the air whispered. Today is the day!So I thought everyday will be the day! I will be positive, I will always claim it to be mine and received.

When I do this, I know I will always have high hopes - I deserve no less. and yes that hope will make me happy, positive and looking forward to what the day will give me.

Who knows?!


  1. The person God has prepared for will come and you'll be grateful. For now,all you have to do is prepare yourself and be the best for the man God has made for you.So that when the right man comes he will say, " You're heaven sent".

  2. thank you so much sis! =) i know time will come.. and i should get ready... i guess! he he