Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tali Beach, Nasugbu Batangas

I was quite excited when I heard we are going to Tali Beach Resort for my birthday weekend. It was such an exciting countdown since I haven't been to the beach this year, nor have I had any trip outside Manila for a Vacation.
Tali Beach was in Nasugbu Batangas. Off we went from Fairview to Batangas at 6AM. There is a slight delay due to some MMDA officer thinking we were riding a Colorum Van. (This shall qualify for an entirely different post, I'd say).
Ready as we all are, we arrived in Tali Beach Subdivision, with high hopes of a great swim day. The weather is lovely, it is great for a late afternoon Swim. =)
We were directed inside the Subdivision. The Place was not yet as developed as the Terrazas de Punta Fuego. Well I thought maybe that is why we have not heard much about This membership place.  \Our friend has advised us that there are is no Clubhouse, and no pool to swim in. So We are only headed to the beach side.
The house we rented is Php 17,500. It was a huge house, with plenty of beds to sleep on. I counted 4 big rooms, with at least 4 beds in each room, All air-conditioned.
The Kitchen was well ventilated, Complete with kitchen utensils, knives, gas stove, microwave oven, plates, cooking pans, and so on.
Up we went to the roof top to further explore the house; It was a huge space, where the whole family and friends can stay and unwind and have a nice long chat feeling the cool wind blowing.
The House had a rooftop Jacuzzi too! The view was that of the Sea, when facing the back of the mini pool.
So we prepared for lunch, rested for a while and to the beach we go. =) It was a 3 minute drive from the house we rented to the beach sides; There were many mini beaches along the "Beach Drive" of the subdivision. There was the Tali Beach, Palm Beach, Marina Beach.
The Stairs going down to the beach side wasn't that bad. SO excitement was still in me... not until I was close enough to the beach that I saw piles of trash in the water! If you swim, you will literally be swimming with the garbages! What a heart dropping scene when all you want is to take a dip in the sea. =(
We stayed and took photos of the surrounding... It was great except for the huge pile of plastic bags, chips packages, tetra, juices, and some other garbages you'd normally see in your black bag.
We were told to try out the other beaches, so we went to Marina Beach, just a minute from where we first stationed. But this beach was no different. There were a lot of dead corals on the beach side, there were a lot of small rocks too, and dried weeds all over.
Overall ratings: Nope this beach is not for Swimming. I would not even dare come back to this side of Nasugbu. It is way too costly for a dip in the small Jacuzzi, and not be able to enjoy the Beach. Why would I even travel 3 hours for a small pool? =(

TV Plus - Mahiwagang BlackBox is now Available for Sale!!

It was 3 years ago when I blogged about the Digital Box of ABS-CBN, Here finally, NTC has provided its IRR or the Implementing Rules and Regulation for Digital Television. Luckily it was ABS-CBN who has been constantly preparing for this approval and release that just about a month after the NTC's signed IRR, it is now available for commercial selling. 

The digital box will be available in a lot of stores, even in SM Cyberzones as ABS-CBN partners with dealers you trust as well. It will come with an antenna, remote control and RCA connectors (for TV to Box connection). It also comes with a warranty of one year, so do not lose your warranty card and submit the filled up form upon purchase. 

The boxes that you will see will be the one on the front of this picture, The TV Plus with ABS-CBN Logo as the signal strength. Gone is the old and "fun" loud colored design. ABS-CBN now means we are in business and we are serious to provide you the best digital tv experience. 

See who endorses the TV Plus! Its Sarah G!

TVPlus gives you a clear TV reception for a one time fee of P2,500. Unlike cable services, you need to pay monthly of least P550 pesos, and the screen won't be as clear as when you are hooked to this box, because HD boxes are more expensive for different cable companies. 

As of this time, DTT signal coverage is initially offered to Metro Manila, key cities in Luzon (Rizal, Cavite, Laguna, Bulacan, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, Tarlac, Pangasinan, Benguet) and Metro Cebu. This is now basically almost all of Luzon, soon expansion will be on its way since as per NTC, Philippines will have to shift to Digital TV within a span of 5 years. 

* Make sure to buy this product from authorized sellers only! Also, look for the TV Plus logo to be sure that you have the authentic product! (Tip: ABS-CBN Digibox comes with a free ABS-CBN Mobile sim and a free load of 50 pesos)  =) 

More information on the product here: TVPLUS Site