Monday, June 11, 2012

TV plus - ABS-CBN goes Digital!

*There is an update to this post. Please Visit for a more recent news about TV Plus:

I am one of the lucky ones who received a digital box set from ABS-CBN. I won it through a raffle and was happy that I actually did get to try the product for free! Not that we won't buy it when it comes around in the market as i am sure that the price would be fair enough for a one time fee. 

My mom really likes Ted Failon very much and is always glued to her mini transistor the moment she wakes up in the morning until she retires at night to sleep - Yes, i get to hear Dr. Love's show c/o Mr.. Jun Banaag. 

What's with the senior and the news anyway? But anyway i am so excited when I got the box and it was Mother's day too. It was sort of a gift to her as she kept on asking us about the DZMM Teleradyo and how she can watch. Yes she did ask me where we can buy the box... So I just had to get one for her and I never stopped until I got myself one! 

The digibox itself is really small so it does not take a lot of spaces. Its very easy to install - as if you were just installing a DVD player. Getting the channels to show up took us only a few minutes. Our first attempt was unsuccessful because - I forgot to put the antenna on. (Silly me) But i noticed that and immediately reset my channel search. It only took a few minutes and we're on!

So there, Its a good product, really. Cute antenna that has magnet on its bottom. The remote control comes with free batteries too!

We scanned through the channels and found the following broadcasting NBN, ABS-CBN, Studio 23, Dzmm Teleradyo, Cinemo (some really old pinoy flicks), YeY, Knowledge Channel and Myx.

The big question now is when is this coming out? Well I think soon... very very soon! Here's a reference to the DTV Blog and Other Sources.

I hope the company would start selling out soon, some places in Cavite, Bulacan, and near provinces have really bad reception to the station. I am a Kapamilya, so i wish everyone would be able to join and be a Kapamilya too. (Paging NTC / DOST....) hehe


  1. Thank You so much! =) i think we are launching soon. hopefully before the year ends.

  2. ui:)) info lang ha;)) hi guys may promo ang abs cbn ngayun, makukuha na yung free digibox. buy 3 abs cbn mobile prepaid sim(w/200 load each) for only P700, get MAHIWAGANG BLACK BOX for free!!! pm mi. 09334903817

    1. Hi baka may available ka pa na black box.

    2. Where can we buy unh abs cbn mobile na may promo po na may free mahiwaga box?


    3. Meron pa po ba Ms? Interested po ako, ito # ko 09268405570. Buy po ako agad.

    4. I am interested. E2 no ko 09996502272

  3. why is mine only 13 chanels no NBN IBC13 RPN9 etc...?

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