Monday, January 7, 2013

Pugs, Pugs, and more Pugs - Lovin' them!

I love dogs, and ever since I was young mom has taught us how to care for animals, and pets of course. We had quite a number of dogs, toy dogs, sport dogs and so on. But my first ever pet dog that I had to name is a pug. It was really cute as we got her out of the cage from the pet store. We named her peggy and since then I have owned 4 more pugs. =) Now we have transferred to a smaller home and we were only renting so we could not own any more dogs. Well anyway, my love for pugs has never ceased and i still adore and find them so cute. I vow to own one again. 

My fascination with them continuos and i would like to share with you some photos i have gathered that would make you feel so happy just by seeing them. :D (I do not own the photos but some were just sent to me by friends, and some from google search. Credits to the owners and I do not have intentions of publishing them here and claim ownership. 

PUG Facebook Covers

Just Cute Pug photos

Ohh, you can't really hate pugs! :D They're so lovable!! Right?! 

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