Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Did anyone say Steaks? Then it must be Melo's

Marking the third month of our relationship, We were  thinking of what and where to have our dinner last friday. Being a meatlover myself, of course first options are always restaurants that would serve scrumptious meals... and BF is a fan of steaks! He is paying so why not?! He thought of Melo's which was just across our company's building. 

We were greeted with a friendly attendant upon entering the restaurant. The lights were dimmed - Oh yeah, fine dining it is! In jeans and in shirts... haha I am feeling awkward  but excited. After ordering, we were served with dinner rolls while waiting. Our tomato soup (soup of the day)  was served and we were asked if we'd like to have fresh pepper with that - i said yes to the offer. 

My Order: Lamb chops with Cranberry and Mint Sauce
This was served with a hot plate. three lamb chops were cooked wonderfully topped with cranberry sauce. The peppermint dip was in a small dip container - it was good and refreshing but i was so in love with the cranberry sauce not to mention the generous portion of fresh and crunchy shoestrings potato fries side dish!

His Order: Wagyu steak  ( 9 ounces)
Also served in a hot plate, there lies the wagyu steak, medium well, all nince ounces of grade 6 meat, sliced and weighed in front of us... with nice grill lines. :D Their mashed potato isn't mashed, but boiled and sliced (but tastes like mashed!). The meat was really tender, and there has to be no effort in eating it, it was so tasty and yummy and soooo good. best steak ever! Even without the gravy, it's got that juicy and perfect steak taste.  The price is so worth it.

A dinner for two would average to five thousand or more in bill, is quite an expensive experience, but worth it for a night of fine dining, and being served well. The waiters  and servers are very friendly and always asks how we find the food or if we do need anything else. It was worth a try, good for a special night/day. 

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