Saturday, May 26, 2012

Movies: The Avengers (2012) - Favorite scenes

An action packed movie, with funny one liners, sexy women in tight fitting costumes, handsome heroes... This movie sure did capture a lot of our hearts - of course in its own little ways... and here are some favorite scenes not only by me but also by friends and people who have watched the movie. 

So here goes:

A Scene Where Thor told Loki, "You listen well brother...", he paused, then Ironman came flying, blitzing, fire-blazing, and throwing Thor out of the scene. Then Loki (now alone) funnily retorted, "I'm listening..."

A simple scene where Tony Stark said to Hulk that he admires his work but then came back especially when he loses control and turns into a green monster.. and he can only say 'thanks'... haha

The team was gathered in the room and they were all discussing about what will be Loki's plan, again, blah, blah, blah. Then Bruce Banner insulted Loki's brain and capability in which Thor reiterated, "He is of Asgard and he is my brother!" Then Blackwidow replied, "He killed eighty people in two days." Thor retorted in a deadpan manner, "He's adopted." 

HawkEye shooting with his arrow on his back - kind of funny and amazing at the same time he is able to do so without even looking at the target. hehe 

Hawkeye aiming a target with his arrow, free falling from a  building. 

Hulk and Thor fighting with each other, Hulk unable to pull up Thor's hammer.

Hulk and Thor fighting together, and when they were side by side, Hulk seemed to stiill have energy that needs to be expelled and he punched Thor to his left. 

Nick Fury being overly dramatic telling Ironman and the rest that Selviq had their photo on his pocket and then An agent said that it was not found in his pocket but on his locker. Then Nick Fury justified himself saying "they needed a push". 

Loki Telling Hulk He is God and Hulk then came smashing him back and forth and then walks away sort of snorting "God"... 

Loki trying to stab or put his knife on Tony Stark's heart and then repeated it again... only to hear some metal sound. 

Ironman almost dead and then Hulk sort of shouted? and Ironman was surprised he just had to wake up...

There was also this scene when hulk trashed loki almost like a rag and loki just lay in there tired... Hehehe and when he finally was able to pull himself up and rose, the avengers were all in front of him...he asked ironman if he can have the drink he offered.

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