Friday, May 25, 2012

Ilocos Trip - treats and other pasalubong

As you may have known, we have come from a 3 day trip to the Ilocos Province, and i think one advice is for you to load up on cash, especially if you want to bring home some good pasalubong and yummy treats! They have loads of them! =) You'll never know which one to prioritize.

Non Food Items and Pasalubong:

Bangui Windmill Replica - They have this in huge and cute sizes. The bigger one can be displayed in table tops, coffee table or office desks. the small one is really cute and can be used so you can stick it on your refrigerator if you are collecting for your travel! They also have the same kind as souvenir for Cape Bojeador Replica (but these are hard to find, i only found one and it was already not in good shape). The smaller versions come in Magnetic and key chains, depending on your preference. Smaller ones are sold 3 for 100 pesos and the huge ones are sold for 160 pesos a piece.

They also have a variety of bracelets, pearl earrings, cellular phone trinkets which is much cheaper. The trinkets are only 10 pesos each and when you buy a bracelet, you get to have a free trinket too. Their are some nice head bands too, and they come in really cute colors - very appealing for the girls, especially and of course if you like accessories you'll never run out of choices especially in the Ilocos Norte Beaches.

Food Items:

Well you don't have to buy the fresh seafoods for take home, but just have it cooked on the resort you were staying in. They sell Sugpo or tiger prawns along the road(really fresh) for only 200pesos per 1 kilo. They initially told us its 460pesos per kilo and they sold it at more than half the price. The region is rich in Sea resources so its rather cheap to eat seafood in the area.

Ilocos Vinegar - This region boasts of the very good tasting Vinegar. Its sour, but kinda sweet and it smells really good!

Sticky Rice Variations such as Tupig, Candon Calamay, and of course the Royal Bibingka. The Bibingka sells for 85 pesos per 8 pieces.

Chicacorn - a very famous treat too, as it is cheaper... =) They have got a lot of flavors to choose from and you sure will enjoy at least one of them. Cheese, Barbeque, Spicy, Garlic flavors. Small pack of Chicacorn(any flavor) costs only 35 pesos. 55 pesos for the largest pack.

Vigan Longganisa - of course, the famous longganisa. They sell this by the dozen. small ones are sold for 100 pesos and larger ones 120 pesos per dozen.

Bagnet - You can buy also at the shop that sells most of the pasalubong, 380 pesos one slab. 


  1. of course, the ever famour longganisa! i wish i could try the bagnet soon!

  2. It is good, especially if you are a fan of pork. he he but well i have a suggestion for you and you might want to try Pino Resto Bar in Katipunan. They had a very good Kare Kareng Bagnet.