Saturday, April 28, 2012

Online Earnings - Paid to Post with proof of payment

As a celebration and thanksgiving to Mylot - an online forum that pays you for every participation, I would again allot a page in my blog to be a testament to the authenticity of the website. 

The celebration part was that since May 2006, i have been a member of the site and over the years, i have earned quite an amount already just by participating at discussions, providing my insights, even when i vent at the site, i get to earn dollars from it! 

Here is the latest photo of the notification from the site that i am entitled to a pay out for the month of April. 

So I am excited... and well of course you might say that this is just a notification... so what about the actual proof of payout? So here it is... =)

Now that you have proof - i hope you can join us in the community.  Mylot is not a scam - and it does not promise hundreds and thousands of earnings per month, but with referrals and active participation, you will most likely get to take home money every month - consistently.

Here's the link to the mylot community - Hope to see you there... Enjoy!!!

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