Saturday, April 28, 2012

I am on Twitter now!

I just want to share what I have been up to lately - with Twitter of course. =) 

Well so here goes:

@WomenOfHistory - I follow this because i am a sucker for quotes, and wise sayings... so I get some from this and all others from the next couple of twitter pages i follow. 

@AncientProverbs - also another source of quotations - this one though are collections of different proverbs from different countries. 

@TopBibleVerses - I guess, though i have created a version of the daily bible verses, i still try to find time to read bible verses (daily) from different sources. so here's one source that i find really useful and handy. 

@Godly_Life - This one is similar to the bible verses, but they focus more on quotes relating to being godly, or quotes by famous people in relation to God's words, or being  "Godly".

On a lighter note, here are few of the other twitter pages i view once in a while;

@9GAG - Full of photos, and well this twitter page promises to make you smile - if not laugh. This page has made my day a couple of times because its fun and funny.  if you like the page, well you can always go to their website -

@AKOANGSIMULAtv - For Pinoys, i think we can relate to this, we are on a continual campaign to move forward by doing something for the country and later on for the world - one step at a time.  

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