Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mexican Hashbrown Recipe

Who wouldn't want or love a hashbrown dinner topped with fresh tomato salsa, and ground beef curry!And that's not all, you get to drizzle it with cheese as well... Yummy! 

So here is my recipe for this wonderful treat - lunch, dinner, snack - whatever time you feel like munching down some goodness then this one is the easiest to make! =) 

What you need:
Ground beef
Curry Powder
Chopped onions
Cheese spread

What you need to do:
1. Cook the curry, sautee it with onions (chopped), almost cooked, pour in some of the curry powder until the meat's oil  turns a bit yellow (due to the powder). put some black pepper if you like or some chili powder if you prefer it to be a bit spicy. 
2. Set aside when done, make sure to drain the ground beef from the oil. 
3. Put the hashbrowns to oven toaster (still frozen). this will brown the potato while you prepare for the salsa
4 Chop the tomato into bits and pieces - remove the seeds if you may, make sure you still got some tomato juice with the chopped vegetable. 
5. Scoop about 2 tablespoons of pickles and include in your chopped tomatoes, do not forget to put some black pepper and iodized salt to taste.

How to Serve:

Get the hashbrown from the oven, put it in a plate, add the drained beef (about 2 tablespoons), put the salsa on top of the beef, and pour in some cheese spread if you like. =)



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