Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year to all!

Happy New Year!

My first entry of the year… would be sharing the things I have planned or have started doing now that its 2012! =)

First off, I have planned and have started to make my own version of the 365 days of the bible. I have started with this, thinking that this is going to be easy, to get 365 or 366 different bible verses.. but that’s just what I thought… wow it was not even close to being easy, after all. But I will finish this, I will make sure that I do.

Second, is of course something most would want to be doing.. and that is to stay healthy and keep fit. I have reduced eating or munching on chips… I have been successful so far.. no more urge to buy as well (wee congratulations to me!). Next is I am drinking more water, drinking as many as I could. Its going to be good for the skin as well. And to aid digestion,  I am drinking green tea daily; I would dunk a tea bag and just let it seep for a couple of minutes.

Third, I am going to try to always wash my face with a facial wash. I am using Garnier White. Feels good on my face and unlike Pond’s Garnier does not make my face feel burned or itchy even on daytime so I think maybe I would be able to stick with this for this year (several times I have tried, I would only last a couple of days, but so far I have already finished a week straight so it’s looking quite promising.)

Fourth and so on… I would say that I promised myself to smile and think only of happy thoughts for the year! 

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