Friday, January 6, 2012

Foot Spa experience @ Nailfiles!!

My friends and I have decided that today, Friday would be a relaxation day. Our first option was a body massage but then, Connie had stiff neck and is not advised to have a whole body massage. Our Next option is foot spa! Along Mother Ignacia street, thank God there is the Nailfiles branch. 

The place is very cozy, the staff are all smiles and they sure do chat with the customers! =) It would make you feel more relaxed. 

We chose the package 1; foot spa with 15 minute massage and your choice of manicure or pedicure. 

Two of my companions had pedicures done, and I had a manicure instead. ( I still have to get used to having other people touch my i settled for the manicure.) The experience took us more than an hour, and well if not for us friends going there together, i would have fallen asleep right then and there. 

i would have chosen a different style for my nails, but they woulc charge 20 bucks peer nail for those with designs in them... =( i would just do this myself. haha

Maybe next time i would try their wax treatment. he he 
Nailfiles have various packages mostly for footspa, paraffin wax treatments for the hand, manicure, pedicure, hair removal via waxing, underarm, legs, bikini area and i kind of peeped through the options, they too have brazilian wax treatment. =) 

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